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Sixth Stage 40 day Cheong Sung condition to "Welcome True Parents to Europe"

Yong Cheol Song
March 5, 2004

To : All Regional Leaders, National Leaders and National Messiahs
From : President Yong Cheol Song
Refer : Sixth Stage 40 day Cheong Sung condition to "Welcome True Parents to Europe"
Date : 5th March 2004
Reference number: Pres. Song 2004-06

Dear Leaders and dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many greetings from the European Office.

Time is passing by so fast. On coming Monday, March 8th, we are approaching the end of our Fifth Stage 40 Day Cheong Sung Condition to "Welcome True Parents to Europe". At this occasion let me express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for your sincerity to participate and contribute towards the success of this important condition. Trough the testimonies brothers and sisters are sharing with me, I can see that we are heading towards the right direction. More and more the spiritual world is helping us in our work and objectives. Ways are opening up not only on a bigger scale but also on the personal level of brothers and sisters.

During our Fifth Stage 40 Day Condition, True Father made a most significant declaration on February 22nd, declaring the "Era of the Settlement of the Cosmic Parent, Parents of Heaven and Earth and Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind." I trust and believe that you all received, read and understood True Father’s words given on this occasion. True Father mentioned, "We are entering a new era. Even though there have been many springs throughout history, it is the first spring that God has seen. On such a spring day make a new resolution!" We have to know the amazing truth that from now on the starting base of the complete settlement of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind in our families has been established in the spiritual and physical worlds. We need to understand and feel about the importance of this declaration and have a new awareness about ourselves. We are the owners of Cheon Il Guk , we are the inheritors and heirs. From now on, God is not the owner, but we who have families of heaven, earth and humankind are the owners.

To my great amazement, when I was doing my Cheong Sung condition during our European Leaders’ meeting in Malaga, Spain, I received a strong inspiration that we leaders present at the meeting should conclude our meeting with a resolution, declaring our determination to take ownership for the restoration of Europe. Without being aware about True Father’s declaration at the very same time in Korea, the regional leaders and I set together until late night to formulate on the wording of the resolution which finally all leaders present signed at a most beautiful ceremony at the end of our meeting on February 22nd.

This is a testimony how spiritual world is helping us in our work. In this sense let us all move forward in close relation to our True Parents, the spiritual world and to each other by laying the right conditions day by day for a greater Europe centering on God’s Kingdom on Earth and in the Spiritual World.

Sixth Stage 40 Day Cheong Sung condition to "Welcome True Parents to Europe"

Again let me express my gratitude for all the dedication and investment of heart you have shown so far throughout the course of our Cheong Sung conditions to "Welcome True Parents to Europe". So far we can see a clear pattern how our conditions not only helped the providence in Europe but also helped True Parents to secure mayor milestones in God’s providence. We might not be always aware about it, but please be encouraged what ever spiritual conditions we make, small or big, have a tremendous effect on the spiritual word and will bring about great changes for the good.

Also your Cheong Sung conditions are never in vain. They always give and will give great benefits to your ancestors, your nation and will secure great prosperity for your future descendants.

On March 30th a major step will be taken in connection with welcoming True Parents to Europe. The court case against True Parents’ entry ban to the United Kingdom will take place. These are exactly 21 days after the start of our Sixth Stage on March 9th. I believe and I am convinced that our conditions are so essential and are the base and source that things are connected and move towards the right direction.

Guidelines for the Sixth Stage 40 day Cheong Sung condition

Time period:

9th March – 17th April 2004 (Leading us to True Parents Day on 19th April 2004)


a. 120 full bows each day (in case of physical difficulties please consult the church leader to decide on alternative ways)

b. Prayer twice a day (length according to your situation)

c. As much as possible I would like to encourage blessed families to do the condition together as one family.

Prayer group:

Please continue with the special prayer group of minimum three blessed wives under the leadership of the national leader, who especially dedicate each day some time to pray for the providence in your nation. National Leaders of the four providential nations in Europe please form a prayer group of at least twelve dedicated sisters who should focus especially on the court case taking place in the United Kingdom from 30th – 31st March 2004, ideally by making a vigil prayer.

Prayer points:

1. The success of True Parent’s world providence establishing the Peace Kingdom by world wide developing the Peace UN (IIPC).

2. For the safe substantial settlement of Cheon Il Guk and 4th Israel, the Peace Kingdom.

3. For True Parent’s health and safety.

4. To resolve the True Parent’s entry to Europe issue by finding the key person to support our political and legal battle, while taking spiritual and financial responsibility as a European Movement to welcome our True Parents to Europe. Let us specifically pray for the success of the different court cases taking place in various nations concerning True Parent’s entry to Europe. (United Kingdom, France, Germany and Netherlands where our "Welcome True Parents to Europe Committee" decided to start a court case soon)

Especially pray for the United Kingdom court case taking place 30th – 31st March 2004

5. To unite all the European membership centring on the Continental Director.

6. For the Second Generation to inherit the Heavenly Tradition.

7. For the Balkan project, to restore a European Nation for the settlement of Cheon Il Guk and for a successful East West cooperation.

8. For the 35 European nations to develop successfully under God’s providence. 9. For the success of the IIFWP Providence in Europe to educate high-level VIPs, appointing Ambassadors of Peace and continuous follow up to let them become active in building Cheon Il Guk.

Especially pray for the IIPC 3 Day DP Workshop for Ambassadors for Peace at House Glory, the Netherlands from 18th – 21st March 2004.

10. For the development of the grass roots foundation in each nation through Divine Principle education, through promoting the public course and by building a strong financial base. In addition to support the building of an European MFT starting with a 3 day workshop taking place in Schmitten, Germany from 18th – 21st March 2004.

11. That we can address the needs of the society and nation through our providential organizations.

12. That each Nation and each Blessed Family can stand as owners of Cheon Il Guk, can become a real Daeshinja, a heir of God, a heir of True Parents’ live, word and victory, and a creator of a Shimjung Culture and Community.

Money Offering:

€ 100 or more per family in Western Europe

€ 20 or more per family in Eastern Europe

The money offering is part of the 6th stage 40 day Cheong Sung condition. Please understand that it is an additional donation to the donations given at the time of the previous Cheong Sung conditions.

Thank you very much for your attention and may God bless you and your families.

Pres. Yong Cheol Song

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