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European Newspaper

Yong Cheol Song
February 23, 2004

To : All Regional Leaders, National Leaders and National Messiahs
From : President Song
Refer : IIFWP Website Ė European Internet Newspaper
Date : 23rd January 2004

Dear National Leaders,

As you know, True Father is very interested in the Media as an instrument for Godís work in this time. He has founded many newspapers and other media projects which are based all over the world , and have had a profound effect on the Providence. Recently, the Providence has included Europe, and we have been asked to contribute in many ways. To enable people around the world to understand our True Parentsí work, True Father has asked our movement to begin a world newspaper project, and an internet newspaper. These are ongoing projects. As well as these, on the European level, we want to begin two new projects, an IIFWP website, and an internet newspaper. I have appointed Peter Zoehrer and Tim Read to head up these projects for the meantime. IIFWP Website We have decided to begin a European IIFWP website to cover our Movementís providential events and be an instrument for our Peace Ambassadors to voice their opinions. This will represent each countryís work, and there will be a front page where the main stories are made prominent. In order for this website to work, I would like to ask you to make reports of all events in your nation, as they happen, with one or two (digital) pictures and a report of no more than 200-300 words. This report should be sent to with the following subject line in the email: REPORT This email will be sorted automatically, and your report uploaded to the website.

In the near future we will teach you how to put your own reports online. European internet newspaper The European internet newspaper will be a forum for values based world and European news. It will seek: ∑ Promotion of moral - and family values in society, ∑ Promotion of social justice, ∑ Protect the environment, ∑ Expose corruption & corporate crime, ∑ Support the East-West integration in the new Europe, ∑ Promotion of racial - and religious tolerance, religious freedom and human rights and ∑ Promote the dialogue among cultures & civilizations. It will also report on the Middle East Peace process and international security issues. There will be a number of sections in the paper, with an editor for each section. The paper should be a public forum for righteous reporters, journalists and Ambassadors of Peace, who often have no voice in the monopolized media. The paper should also be strong on the commentary aspect. Initially there will be weekly updates, with the aim of achieving a daily update by the end of 2004. For the start the paper will run news and commentaries in 3 languages (English, German and French). If you know of any members who would like to be section editors, and can do this in their spare time, without pay, please contact either Peter Zoehrer at or Tim Read at . They will also be contacting you about people they have in mind. We hope these projects will gain your support, as they can be a powerful instrument to support our work here in Europe.

Yours sincerely,
President Song
Continental Director for Europe

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