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Guidelines for the Fifth Stage 40 day Cheong Sung condition

Yong Cheol Song
January 29, 2004

Time period: 29th January Ė 8th March 2004


120 full bows each day Ė in case of physical difficulties please consult the church leader to decide on alternative ways prayer twice a day (length according to your situation)

As much as possible I would like to encourage blessed families to do the condition together as one family.

In addition I would like to ask each national leader to form under the leadership of the national leader a special prayer group of minimum three blessed wives, who especially dedicate some time during the day to pray for the providence in your nation. True Father mentioned that a prayer group of blessed wives is very powerful. Such a group can open up many new dimensions of spiritual support and can even create miracles.

National Leaders of the four providential nations in Europe please form a prayer group of at least twelve dedicated sisters.

Prayer Points:

1. The success of True Parentís world providence building an Abel UN and establishing IIPC chapters world wide in each nation. At the same time that the Cain UN can unite with the Abel UN to form one body.

2. To establish the substantial Cheon Il Guk and 4th Israel.

3. For True Parentís health and safety.

4. To resolve the True Parentís entry to Europe issue by finding the key person to support our political and legal battle, while taking spiritual and financial responsibility as a European Movement to welcome our True Parents to Europe. Let us specifically pray for the success of the different court cases taking place in various nations concerning True Parentís entry to Europe. (United Kingdom, France, Germany and Netherlands where our "Welcome True Parents to Europe Committee" decided to start a court case soon)

5. To unite all the European membership centring on our Continental Director.

6. For the Second Generation to inherit the Heavenly Tradition.

7. For the Balkan project, to restore a European Nation for the settlement of Cheon Il Guk.

8. For the 35 European nations to develop successfully under Godís providence

9. For the success of the IIFWP Providence in Europe to educate high-level VIPís appointing Ambassadors of Peace and continuous follow up to let them become active in building Cheon Il Guk.

10. For the development of the grass roots foundation in each nation through Divine Principle education.

11. That we can address the needs of the society and nation through our providential organizations.

12. That each nation and each Blessed Family can stand as owners of Cheon Il Guk, creating a Shimjung Culture. Money Offering:

Ä 100 or more per family in Western Europe

Ä 20 or more per family in Eastern Europe

The money offering is part of the 5th stage 40 day Cheong Sung condition. Please understand that it is an additional donation to the donations given at the time of the previous Cheong Sung conditions.

Cheong Sung condition is the key to solve the problems mankind is facing today. This is the very secret True Parents are teaching us every day through their example. There are just too many limits if the spiritual world is not actively involved.

As you know three years ago our True Father created a soccer team in Brazil. Last year they became part of the first division of the Sao Paulo State playing against the best 21 teams from Brazil. A progress of a young team nobody could imagine. Just recently they had their first game against the last yearís champion. The game ended with two goals for each team. The game was broadcasted worldwide to 120 million potential spectators. All commentators said that our team did much better and deserved to win. Soccer teams are sponsored by companies and usually their logos and names can be seen on the dresses of the players. On the dress of our team is written PEACE UN.

I am telling you this story because it is a story of Cheong Sung. We all know how much Cheong Sung was and is invested into Brazil. Eventually it is bearing fruit.

Thank you very much for your attention and may God bless you all.

Pres. Yong Cheol Song

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