The Words of the Song Family

President Songís speech at the European HARP Leadersí Meeting

Yong Cheol Song
January 11, 2004
Schmitten, Germany

Good Morning,

In Korea, the movement like HARP is called Sun Hwa. It also includes 1st Generation in that age. Those that were members of Sun Hwa are now the leaders of the Unification church all over the world. Do you know Dr. Yang? He was also a member of Sun Hwa.

Father was very impressed by the 2nd Generation from Europe, also True Mother, especially during the mobilization in New York. Many leaders came to me and told me that the European 2nd Generation is so good.

When I last reported to True Father, I reported about STF and 2nd Generation workshops in many countries. I was so moved to see the workshop in Paris. You are the HARP leaders, right? I am glad to meet each one of you as a representative for your country.

1. Know the Providential Time

What is the motto for this year given by True Father? "Proclamation of Godís Fatherland and the Era of the Peace Kingdom" Please donít forget, remember this motto every morning, especially as HARP leaders. You have to feel: "Yes, Father, now we are establishing your Fatherland, yes, Father, now we are in the Era of the Peace Kingdom". When True Father decided this yearís motto, he didnít meet with all leaders and discuss it, but he found it through deep prayer, Chong Song, until the Midnight Prayer. Through Father having a vertical relationship with God the motto was found, because he knows the providential time. Even though we donít understand, True Father knows.

Same as when in Jesusí time the people didnít believe that Jesus was the Messiah. All the Jewish leaders thought that he was wrong. Jesus didnít sit down and discuss, this is not the mission of the Messiah. He cannot be elected like politicians nowadays. The Messiah is sent by God. Jesus knew the providential time and the responsibility. This is why he announced that the Kingdom of God is coming.

On Godís Day, True Father emphasized that we must realize the providential time, even though the world and Christianity, doesnít know yet. The 2nd Generation Ė you - should realize what time we are living in. From the Christian point of view, they are still living in the New Testament but from Godís point of view we are living in the Era of the Peace Kingdom. Please realize the meaning of the time we live in, when Godís Fatherland should be built substantially.

If Father was here with you, Iím sure he would have great hope in all of you. You are between 16 and 20. He would be happy to see all of you.

In the Bible you read about one son who was very naughty, against his fatherís will. The father was very concerned and waiting for his sonís return. Finally, when he was a complete beggar, the son repented, and he wanted to return as a servant. When he arrived to the house, the father saw him from far, this means he must have been waiting for his son without sleeping and eating. He embraced his son with tears.

Many Christians donít understand about Godís heart, even though they read this story many times. Also Muslims have no concept about Godís pain and sorrow, how long he has been waiting and waiting for his children. God has been waiting for this time of the Peace Kingdom to come, please understand how much He has been waiting. He was doing Chong Song all the time until now. Father also says that he has been waiting and praying to meet Kim Il Sung.

Now all of you pray in your own name. Why wasnít it like this from the beginning? Father was waiting for this for forty years. Forty years ago he said that one day you will pray in your own name and that will be a day of great hope. This time is now; we have to understand the meaning. This didnít come by itself, but Father invested for forty years. Christians are very surprised when they hear that we pray in our own name. They still pray in Jesusí name.

Father has been waiting for 40 years to lay the condition. Now, for Father to announce the Peace Kingdom, God has been working so hard, and True Parents have been waiting. Finally, we arrived at this time, you should be very happy about this. Especially you are 2nd Generation, this is a privilege. Please understand that we are living in the age of the Peace Kingdom.

I am so amazed how Chong Pyung is developing. Just in 1999 we had to put up a tent to have a 40-day workshop there. But now I was so amazed. This time I visited the Theological Seminary there. Still they are building the Peace Kingdom Palace. A long time ago, Father said that this place will be like this and that, and it sounded like a dream. But miracles happened, and this dream became reality. So, when Father says something, there is a deep meaning behind it, and we have to realize it.

This time, many of you went to Israel. Who of you went to Israel? You participated in the Peace Rally and in service projects. You could see the facts about Palestinians and Israelis, who are not in peace, but instead are building a wall between each other. The political problems are getting worse and worse. Now, Father took initiative. He asked us to go to Jerusalem. Now he said that we have to go 4 more times, like when the Israelites went around Jericho.

We had a very peaceful meeting in Gaza with Palestinian leaders, and it was very successful. They are so moved by True Fatherís initiative and want Father to come. They showed us places that were destroyed by Israelis. While we were looking, we heard a machine gun, and everyone went to the ground. Later we heard that 8 children were shot to death then. These children probably had been around us the day before. Peace in the Middle East cannot be solved by military power or any political method, so True Father started to work for peace there. We did not only make a Peace Rally, but the internal purpose was for Jesus to receive a crown as the King of Israel. He was supposed to be King, but he was persecuted, mistreated. So, this coronation ceremony for Jesus was held, this is the most important meaning of the rally. But also, how amazing was it that in the Holy City all the different religions could come together, and in front of thousands of people it was declared that True Father is the Messiah. Jesus could not experience that. It was only when he was questioned before court that he could quietly say that he was the King of Israel.

Dae Mo Nim mentioned that after Jesus received the crown, he is so happy, and he is standing on a different level in the spirit world. He had been a bit of a shy person, but now he has so much courage and wants to work for Christianity, especially in America. Jesus was supposed to go to Rome, so now, because America is the Rome of today, there should be a coronation ceremony for God and True Parents in the US Parliament in Washington DC. Jesus is liberated now, and he came to True Father in prayer. On the 3rd of January we celebrated Jesusí birthday, and True Father prayed for Jesus to work for Christianity in America and the world.

I hope that all of you as HARP leaders understand True Parentís proclamation and the age of the Peace Kingdom. Father said that every day when we recite the Family Pledge, we have to really live according to it. Now, in the Family Pledge, Satan is not mentioned with one word. The old pledge was about battle with Satan. But now, it is about the ideal, like the Garden of Eden. How do we need to live in the Garden of Eden? We have to live according to the Family pledge, points 1 to 8. When we live according to it, we already live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

2. Read Hoon Dok Hae

True Father encouraged especially 2nd Generation to receive Godís word through Hoon Dok Hwe. Each one of you should embody Godís words. On Godís Day, Father was drinking water and said that it was delicious. When you are grateful for water, it changes its shape. Water symbolizes Godís word. Adam and Eve received Godís word, but they did not follow it. We should never feel bored in HDH; we also always drink water over and over again, because we need it. Father asked to never put the DP in the bookshelf, but to always read it. We should read the 3 recent speeches 1000 times. Then our spirit becomes strong and healthy. Many people are concerned about their physical health, but we need Godís word for our spiritual health. Always be grateful.

3. The Era of the Peace Kingdom is the Era of Total Mind and Body Unity

Adam and Eve couldnít unite, so we have to unite. Father says we have no problem uniting mind and body when sleeping and eating, and also for sex. But that is a body- entred life. The difference between animals and man is that we should live a spirit-centred life. We should unite centred on the mind. For Father, the most difficult temptations were with eating, sleeping and sexual desire. He had to work so hard to overcome this. Until the age of 30 there was not one day that he was not hungry. But through unity we become true people.

4. The Blessing is the Change of the Blood Lineage

Father emphasizes a lot of pure love education, also after the Blessing to keep pure. We have to keep the blood lineage and belong to God.

5. Mobilize Spiritual World

Did you watch the movie The Lord of the Rings? True Father also watched that movie and was talking about it recently in Chong Pyung. He said itís about the return of the king, and that the spiritual world is active and desperate. They want to work with you, but you are not working hard enough. You have to mobilize spiritual world. Without the help of the spiritual world, how can we establish the Peace Kingdom? We are not serious enough. The age of the Peace Kingdom is the unity of spiritual and physical world. We have to get rid of all the boundaries through the spiritual world.

Rev. Kwak announced that True Parents would like to visit Europe in February or March. We are making Chong Song in order to welcome True Parents, this is a serious matter. Important providential nations blocked True Parents from coming. Now there will be court cases in England in February, soon in the Netherlands, also in Germany. God loves the 2nd Generation, so you have to pray a lot, do a lot of Chong Song and mobilize the spiritual world. If we win the spiritual battle, then we also win all the other battles.

6. This is the Age of Inheritance and Development

Godís victory should be passed down to our parents, and then to the 2nd and 3rd Generation. Inheritance and development is the key in Godís Kingdom. You as 2nd Generation have to inherit and participate in the providence together with your parents. Noah brought victory, but his son could not follow. Isaac, though, could inherit from his father Abraham. You, as 2nd Generation, have to think how you can participate in Godís providence together with your parents. Then you can inherit and receive the victorious foundation.

The Peace Kingdom has come, but Europe has been waiting for a long time for True Parents to come. True Father called 7 providential countries, 4 from Europe. For a long time Europe was not called, but now Father called. Europe got heavenly fortune, and now True Parents even announced that they want to visit. They should be welcomed not only by a few members, but on the national level. In the Marshall Islands and in Palau and Samoa they were invited by the government, and it should be the same in Europe. We should understand the time we live in. How wonderful if we can welcome TP now in this year, 40 years after the first missionaries came to Europe.

I hope that you truly understand Godís providence and participate with your whole heart and mind. My dream and hope is to welcome TP in this year. I hope that you keep this message in your heart. Thank you very much.

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