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Invitation to the 9th European Blessing Workshop

Yong Cheol Song
January 2004

It is my great pleasure to be able to invite you to the next Blessing workshop in April 2004. This Blessing workshop is designed for those of you that intend to go to the Blessing within the next few years as well as their parents.

Especially during this time when the procedure of the Blessing has changed it is important to prepare properly for the Blessing. At this meeting we will cover the Blessing both from internal and external aspects, giving both spiritual and practical guidance. Also we encourage the parents to join. As the parents now play a vital role in the matching process it is important also for them to prepare themselves properly. At this Workshop there will also be guidance for parents as well as opportunities for the parents to meet and discuss blessing related issues and for the parents to improve and deepen their relationship to their child.

Please note that people who have not attending a Blessing workshop will not be eligible to attend the Blessing.


Invited are All Second Generation over 17 years of age (born after or before 30th of April 1987) and all Parents who have children in this age.

Content Method of the Matching and Blessing for the Second Generation Meaning of the Blessing How to prepare for the Blessing Project Partnership a guide for a profound marriage

Dates 9th of April to the 13th of April 2004

Arrival by 4 pm on the 9th April 2004. Departure: at 2 pm on 13th April 2004

Place At the Youth Hostel in Kiel, Northern Germany. For detailed travel information please look on the blessing Homepage.

Cost 130,- for each participant of the WS and 250,- for couples (including booklet and workshop material).

Registration Please register with Gábor Körtvélyessy ( / tel: +49-69-74745933). There are only 300 places at the WS. Only the first 300 registrations will be confirmed. People registering later can be put on a waiting list or can apply for the next Blessing WS in autumn 2004.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Please bring house shoes, notes, no sleeping bag necessary.

Please also note, that the Blessing homepage is accessible: There you will be able to find all information concerning the Blessing, the application process and also about the upcoming Blessing WS. Feel free to take a look and send us comments or questions.

Yours sincerely,

President Song
Continental Director for Europe

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