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Mobilization the US

Yong Cheol Song
September 11, 2003

Dear Nick,

I wonder if the European office (for example) has contacted the Western membership in Japan in a bid to find possible willing volunteers for the mobilization in the US?

It might be good if people were aware of the serious call Father has made in case they felt moved to respond. We are doing something here in Korea to inform people but rather late I'm afraid.

I don't know how things operate in Japan as regards expat members (or who now is involved with the communications side). Here we try to help people get a sense of what True Parents view as important in the providence, but of course there are people here working in many diferent fields and not many are free to just drop everything.

The following letter was sent out publicly by Rev. Song a few days ago, and I include it here for your reference/interest.

Best regards

Dear Leaders and Brothers and Sisters,

Many greetings from the European Office!

I trust that all of you received and read my letter from yesterday about the important direction from True Parents. In addition let me express something more of importance.

As mentioned, True Father said during Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden on 1. September that the providence is in an emergency state right now. As you know, at the time right after the World Word II the United Nations were founded and the seven providential nations were in the position to unite with True Father but failed to do so. Today, thanks to Heavenly Father's grace and blessing and our True Parent's hard work and suffering, the opportunity came again to fulfil what was not possible to accomplish in the past.

True Father expects 480 members from the four providential nations in Europe to be mobilised for 40 days to US to work together with our True Parents for the promotion of the Peace Council and establishing an Abel UN. I am very grateful for the immediate positive response and strong determination the national leaders from Germany (Austria), United Kingdom, France and Italy expressed to fulfil the goal given by our True Parent. Yet, when we look at the reality it is a difficult task for them to fulfil. I am convinced that you all agree that the four providential nations in Europe can not be left alone in their anxiety by the rest of Europe. It has to be a challenge for the whole of Europe.

Please remember that we as members of the European Movement are one family leading the way to overcome all the national diversities of the past. In this sense True Parent's direction cannot be seen as an issue for the four providential nations in Europe alone but concerns all of us. At this crucial time of the providence it is more than reasonable that all members in Europe take part with all their heart and devotion to support our True Parent in their ultimate goal to establish an Abel UN.

I ask all the leadership in Europe please make this direction of our True Parents to the absolute priority of your daily work and do your absolute best to make the mobilisation of your members possible on time.

From tomorrow onward I need to report to Rev. Kwak every day about the progress of the mobilisation. Therefore, I need to ask each national leader please send every day before noon the updated name list of your brothers and sisters ready to be mobilised. Please note, today I was informed by Rev. Kwak that the start of the mobilisation was postponed to 14. September (10. September was the previous date).It is a great grace and blessing given to Europe by our Heavenly Father and True Parents to have the opportunity when True Parents are still here with us to reconcile what was undone in the past. Let us all respond to our True Parents with a feeling of gratitude by absolutely fulfilling the goal to send 480 members from Europe. Also let me express my appreciation for all the investment of heart made by you all through our Second Stage 40 day Cheong Sung condition to "Welcome True Parents to Europe". I strongly feel that it is all connected and helps us all to be closer to our True Parents and to give strong spiritual support for the final stage in the providence.

Thank you for your attention to this important request.

Yours sincerely Yong Cheol Song
President FFWPU-Europe

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