The Words of the Simekova Family

The SKI meeting and HARP FR in Italy

Emilia Simekova
February 2005

HARP News From Slovakia

First of all I would like to explain the meaning of SKI. So SKI means Slovakia and Italy. This nickname was invented at the last Harp leaders meeting. While SHUK and DACH groups were discussing their plans, the new SKI group met to see the possibilities.

We decided to make some SFP project in the future. But the question was how we could meet in advance, to prepare it together. And that's the way the cookie crumbles. So we went for this meeting to get to know each other, make a plan and have some fun. Our small HARP community from Slovakia together with Andrej from Czech and Austrian cute ex-STF Doreen set off the journey to North Italy.

After being welcomed on Saturday late afternoon, we went to the downtown of Bergamo for sightseeing, had ice-cream and went for a night trip climbing over the 2m tall wall to get to the castle to have a nicer view of the whole city. After coming back we had dinner in proper Italian time 11p.m. On Sunday we had a sermon given by the city leader and after that Martin gave another one. After having lunch we watched a nice comedy called Matchstick Men.

Then the 'party' was over and the Italians had to go home. Our small group stayed to continue with FR on Monday. For me and perhaps also for the others the first FR day was kind of challenging but we survived. In the evening we were invited by the family Bianchini for a dinner, which was great! On Tuesday after FR we moved to Sudtirol.

We stayed in a very nice cottage, which was placed high in the mountains. As the days were passing by we were doing FR and in the evenings and mornings we had a lot of fun together. We were quite a crazy FR team. We could experience some very nice days together, we could feel God during FR and we could help and support each other. The last day was Saturday and after FR we packed our stuff and got ready to go for PIZZA, hurraaaaay!!!!! The pizza was first of all H.U.G.E. and then it was delicious indeed!!!!! That was a great ending to a great week. We set off back to home sweet home.

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