The Words of the Šimek Family

Witnessing Workshop Reflections

Jakub Simek
March, 2005

The whole workshop was quality time. On the first day we heard a precious internal guidance by Mr. Phillip Schenker about our value as Second Genaration. We had 5-day DP workshop afterwards. Through the lectures of Mr. Mark Brownwell and auntie Beatrice Clyburn I could understand how the courses of historical figures are models for our own life of faith and that every day we have to fight to lay foundation for messiah through practicing what we believe.

My most precious experience is from the 7th day of the workshop, when we had a lot of fun in the morning sledging and in the afternoon we watched Brave Heart as a part of the celebration of the conclusion to our FR time. The film was very inspiring, I could realize many important things about us as a movement, about our parents who fought with their whole heart for the highest ideals humanity has ever fought. Now is the time, where we as Second Generation can realize this dream of our Heavenly Father. Telmo-hyong’s talk about our FR and fight for freedom gave the movie another dimension. We were after meditating about the past STF time, with our eyes closed, I reminded myself of all the precious experiences with God and people and realized how much God gave me, how he always was there to support me. That he gave me even more I wished…I was blessed, I went to Northern Ireland, which was my dream for a long time…I was crying out of gratefulness and was sorry I didn’t invest more and didn’t care for people more. Two people sang songs afterwards and I could feel the highest atmosphere and love between us as STF family I ever felt and was crying out of happiness again. In the evening we had a beautiful dinner with candles in our old FR teams…

The next days were full of important and practical witnessing guidance given by Julius and Simon Cooper , who helped to prepare us for the following period. I’m excited to share my heart, together with our new witnessing team, with the people of France, which is our new mission country.

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