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April 6, IFA Sunday Service: Mr. Kunihiko Shibanuma

April 3, 2014

Just a reminder! Hope you can come!!

IFA Sunday Service, April 6, 2014 from 2:00pm (PLEASE come early)

Speaker: Mr. Kunihiko Shibanuma

Sermon: To Create a model of God-centered society in Pantanal

Hi everyone, It's such a joy to have Mr. Shibanuma speak to us next month.

He is truly Heaven's servant to the world. Born in 1945, Shibanuma-san answered God's call in 1964, while still a student at Waseda University. He is one of the first supporters of our True Parents in Japan and helped to develop Heaven's Providence as a church pastor, and later as Vice-President for CARP until 1980.

Mr. Shibanuma received then his mission to help in Europe in 1982. He served in England, Germany, Hungary and the southern Europe before becoming the Regional Leader for Europe. In 1997, he was appointed as National Messiah to Monaco.

In 1999 True Father called for all Japanese National Messiahs to go to Pantanal and to build, from nothing, Heaven's nation in South America. He has been working for this project since 1999 and up to the present. Since 2001, he was appointed head of General affairs of ASD-NSA in Japan. (Association for Sustainable Development in the North and South Americas)

For a preview to their work in Leda, please visit:

Mr. Shibanuma and his wife were Blessed in the 777 Blessing. They have 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren.

We hope you can join with us and bear witness to the substantialization of Heaven's word and love in action!

IFA Committee 

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