The Words of the Seo Family

Interview of Cheon Il Guk Special Envoy to Palau Young Ju Seo

December 5, 2013

Question: How did you first respond when you learned that you would be working in Palau?

I graduated from Korea University. My Major was sociology. I also graduated from Unification Theological Seminary with a master's degree in religious education.

I have an interest in social activities, such as overseas service projects from Korea. I have experience in the non-governmental organization sector.

Palau is a heavenly garden on the sea. I have experienced developing countries before. I have been a missionary to Nepal since 2006. I very much enjoy local life in underdeveloped countries. I appreciate being able to communicate with the people. I have already experienced staying in Palau, two times.

Now, as a special envoy to Palau, I am planning for my family to live there after I have prepared the way for them. I hope they will enjoy having this different experience in their lives.

Question: What brought you to Palau in the past?

I went as an assistant to the then regional president of Oceania, Dr. Kim. I went there in support of a project that he had designed. In February last year, I went there with Dr. Kim to do research on local projects. The second time I stayed there was in May; I stayed for two weeks researching in relation to the New Village Movement.

Question: Will you be continuing the New Village Movement in Palau?

We are just at the research stage in Palau but in the Oceania region we have implemented the New Village movement to make a better life for the local people. To restore nations, this was the Oceania region's plan under former Regional President Kim.

Question: I take it, then, that you have met most of the main members in Palau.

No, I haven't met many. I have just been meeting grassroots organization and local village leaders. I met the man that is now the former president, Johnson Toribiong, with Dr. Kim to discuss how to develop their nation.

Question: You met him while he was president?

Yes. Palau is important internationally and geopolitically. It is between two great powers, China and the United States. Also, environmentally, global warming is a hot issue and along with that comes the rising sea. I am expecting that UPF International will increasingly direct its attention and concern to our small island nations, including Palau and to help make peace and a good life.

Question: If I'm not incorrect, I believe the US is planning to pull out of Palau.

They extended their contract to 2025. Before that time, they need to set up their own plan to manage their people. Otherwise, they will lose their chance to manage their blessing. 

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