The Words of the Seo Family

Blessing Workshop in TX Canceled

Inguk Seo
April 17, 2009

Dear families,

I am very sorry to tell you that we should cancel the Blessing Workshop in FL and TX.

I reported to In Jin Nim regarding the Blessing Workshop in FL and TX but unfortunately, In Jin Nim didn't approve holding the Blessing Workshops in FL and TX. Rather, In Jin Nim would like us to hold the Blessing Workshop in New York area in order for her to meet the participants and give them her vision and her ministries. And Blessing education is one of her important concerns but we didn't have time to share with her about what we have taught at the Blessing Workshop.

Basically, Blessing workshop program should be related to In Jin Nim's guidance and her vision so we need time until we can share with her about what she would like us to teach.

I should have reported to her earlier about the Blessing Workshops to avoid cancelling the workshops that we already planned.

This is all my fault and I really apologize to yo for making the workshops cancel.

However, it might be good opportunity for 2nd Generation to be able to see and be related to In Jin Nim directly and heartisitically if they attend the Blessing workshop in New York in the future.

Once again, I am very sorry and I sincerely apologize to your for my mistakes.

I would like to keep in touch with yo u to solve any problems you may have because of the cancellation of the workshops.



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