The Words of the Senaratne Family

International Day of Families in Sri Lanka

Chula Senaratne
May 15, 2009
Secretary General, UPF -- Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka - In collaboration with the Department of Education of the Western Province of Sri Lanka, UPF-Sri Lanka organized a half-day seminar to mark the UN International Day of Families on May 15 at the main auditorium in Colombo of the Department of Education of the Western Province. The theme was “Creating a World of Peace, One Family at a Time.”

Around 50 participants including 40 teachers from the Education Department and ten volunteers and staff from UPF-Sri Lanka participated in this seminar.

The program started with a Welcome Address and Opening Remarks by Dr. Chula Senaratne, who read the Message of Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations issued to mark the UN International Day of Families.

The first presentation was done by Ven. Balangoda Ananda Chandrakeerthi, a Buddhist priest involved with the activities of UPF for the last ten years under the topic of “Development of Family Values according to the Lord Buddha’s Teachings.” This was followed by a presentation from Mr. Jin Woo Lim, National Leader of UPF -- Sri Lanka, on the topic of “Character Education for Peace Building and Development of Family Values.”

The third presentation, on the topic of “The Role of Sports in Promoting True Families and Pure Love,” was done by Mr. R.A. Kularatne, Director of Education (Sports, Physical Education and Health) for the Department of Education in the Western Province.

The final presentation for the day was given by Dr. Senaratne on the topic of “Family and Human Development.”

Words of appreciation were offered by Mr. Kularatne. 

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