The Words of the Selle Family

A Dream about True Mother's Value

Angelika Selle
March 1988

Father and Mother sing a duet at the celebration of In Jin Nim's and Shin Goon Nim's birthday, East Garden, September 1, 1987.

The following is a dream I had while I was deeply thinking and wondering about the significance of True Mother's role as the wife of True Father.

I found myself in some location in Manhattan in the middle of a conference with True Father, True Mother, and many of the foreign missionaries. I was sitting towards the back of the room, taking notes. At some point during Father's speech True Mother got up, left the room, and soon came back with two bags full of presents--one for the brothers and one for the sisters. Father continued speaking, but Mother pointed to the sisters to come up to her one by one and select one of the beautiful necklaces from the bag. Even though the conference was mainly for foreign missionaries, I was also asked to come up and choose one.

"Totally united as the Father and Mother of all mankind"--True Parents with church members after the Summit Council for World Peace, June 1987, in Seoul, Korea.

In my mind, however, I was thinking about how I might be able to ask Father some questions before he left. While all this was going on, True Mother suddenly interrupted Father's speech and started complaining about something.

I was shocked, since I had never seen her do such a thing before. Father was surprised himself, but he put his arm around her, trying to soothe her. Still she was very upset and refused to be comforted. Father then stopped the meeting and walked toward the door.

True Parents with church members after the Summit Council for World Peace, June 1987, in Seoul, Korea.

I immediately jumped up and followed him out. Pulling on his suit coat I asked, "Can I have a minute to ask you a question?" Father said, "Okay, come along." So we headed out into the streets of Manhattan, talking with each other, while True Mother, accompanied by some sisters, followed behind. Once in a while she would say some more words of complaint loud enough for Father to hear them. Father felt obviously very uncomfortable. Suddenly he stopped, turned around, and furiously expressed his anger about Mother's behavior and attitude. He literally jumped up and down, screaming at the top of his voice. He seemed not only frustrated but even helpless to me.

True Parents after the Summit Council for World Peace, June 1987, in Seoul, Korea.

True Mother's Crucial Role

I was startled, and I stood aside just watching the scene. I noticed that the people and the environment around us began to change. Peoples' spirits became dark and ugly, and a feeling of evil and frustration surrounded everything. Confused and in fear, I ran off into the streets to escape that horrible situation. But the dark coldness was everywhere.

I kept wandering around aimlessly until somehow I ended up again at the location where we had had the meeting before. And there they were, Father and Mother, sitting side by side, smiling and holding hands. I realized that the whole environment was back to "normal." Peace and harmony filled the room. Here the dream ended.

I woke up and thought about what it all could mean. I realized what a crucial role True Mother has in being the wife of the Lord of Creation. As his bride, she truly is the Mother of Creation. Father can't be Father without Mother. She is not just his companion; her love and loyalty actually complete everything that Father accomplishes. I also realized that most of the world actually is lost in darkness and confusion, because the ideal unity between the Lord and the Mother of Creation never came about in the beginning. Today, if that pure oneness of heart hadn't been achieved by Father and Mother, we would still be living miserable lives, immersed in a universe filled with loneliness. But because they are totally united as the Father and Mother of all mankind, their great spiritual power and love create harmony wherever they are. Through them, soon the whole world will be liberated from darkness and will bloom in the glory of harmonious springtime. 

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