The Words of the Selle Family

Official Dedication of CAUSA International Headquarters

Angelika Selle
December 1983

"The future of the world is being determined by the skill with which we people can cope with Communism."

With these words Father commenced his short and to-the-point message at the opening banquet at the "Tiffany Room" in the Tiffany Building [in New York City], home of the Times-Tribune Corporation, Noticias del Mundo, Minority Alliance International,

United Artists Management and CAUSA International to officially open and bless it for its future activities.

The beautifully restored facilities will serve as a permanent educational center for weekend seminars, press conferences or banquets, guest speakers on different issues and above all for introducing the CAUSA world- view by multi-image presentations. For that purpose the main hall is equipped with a huge screen across one side of the room and seats about 200 people.

Construction began around April of this year and went non-stop until the very day of the inauguration. Under the direction of II Sung Company, professionals as well as brothers and sisters invested time and energy to recreate the ruined place. The molding as well as the red carpeting remind one of Little Angels School in Korea or the World Mission Center in New York -- classic in style yet modern and homey.

Around the main hall in a semicircle are located 22 offices, accommodating the office of the Secretary General and Administration of CAUSA International, the CAUSA libraries for research, and the CAUSA Institute, which will prepare the content of lectures and slides and multi- image presentation programs. The multi-image room is provided with the most up-to-date technical equipment -- supposedly the best in the whole of New York!

According to Father, this beautiful facility is not a reward for CAUSA's past accomplishments, but rather the vehicle for even greater works and achievements in awakening America to the danger of Communism in the days to come.

The Banquet

Father and Mother arrived on the seventh floor at 6:30 p.m., welcomed heartily by members and guests surrounding the elevator. After the traditional ribbon-cutting, True Parents blessed the offices -- symbolically in one room, the "CAUSA room" -- with candles and a deep prayer. Then, Father, Mother and also Un Jin Nim went on an inspection tour around the hallway, taking a look at the rooms and commenting positively on each. Re-entering the banquet hall two colorful flower bouquets were presented to them under warm applause of the cheerful audience. The invited guests came from various areas: church elders from Korea, leaders of various departments of our church, representatives of the New Yak Tribune, some IOWC Commanders, CARP and Ocean Church leaders, Performing Arts, and also some close friends and members of CAUSA like the Secretary General for Colombia, Dr. Henrique Chaves, the Executive Committee of CAUSA, etc.

Dr. Durst gave the invocational prayer. A delicious dinner was served. Even though we witnessed a very official event, the gathering felt very much like one of a big family, under the wings of our True Parents. The atmosphere was relaxed, light and warm, with soft music intermingling the quiet talk going on at each table.

The main program of the evening besides the inauguration itself was the presentation of three multi-image shows, introducing Father, his life and projects, The Washington Times and an insight into the CAUSA worldview. Col Bo Hi Pak, the President of CAUSA International, explained the motive and idea behind the multi-screen program in his opening speech:

"Our goal is to resurrect Father's name. America needs Father, but the mass media makes a curse out of it. Yet without resurrecting Father's name, we cannot overcome Communism. Therefore we looked for a better way to communicate and present Rev. Moon to the American people. And why not take advantage of modem technology?"

For most of the audience that presentation was a premiere, unless they had attended the inauguration of the completed Washington Times building on September 24, when the first two multi-image shows were also shown.

All three presentations were very catchy and impressive, promising to enlighten many people in the future and explaining dramatically in picture and sound what Rev. Moon and CAUSA are doing and accomplishing.

Col Pak called it a "Formation Stage Presentation," leaving room for even greater development.

Woven in between presentations were personal testimonies from members of the CAUSA staff: Antonio Betancourt, Secretary General, recalled the very humble beginnings of CAUSA in Bolivia, back in January 1981, where the very first seminar was held. Tom Ward, director of the CAUSA Institute, remembered

Father's direction when they first took off to Bolivia: "Mobilize the Spirit World"... "For every hour of lecture, three hours of prayer." Tom confirmed that following those instructions, miracles happened. Since that time, about 60 CAUSA seminars have been held, educating 20,000 people in both Americas and in Europe.

Bill Lay, editor of CAUSA magazine and one of the instructors gave a 10 minute introduction on CAUSA world view in the form of slides and lecture. Through such slide shows, 7-day workshops can be condensed into 3-day seminars. Exactly what we need for our emergency age!

After all those words of information and education, Col. Pak openly expressed the hidden desire of most of the audience to hear Father's heavenly words as the founder of CAUSA.

Would he come on stage? Yes, he would!

The evening concluded with the presentation of a huge trophy to True Parents. They were also presented with two supersized keys: One for Father to open the door to the universe, and the other for Mother to open the heart of God for love. The words engraved in the trophy said: "To our beloved True Parents. We are so deeply grateful for the truth and love you have brought to mankind. You are the light in heaven and the hope to the world. CAUSA will carry your flag to the four corners of our earth. CAUSA will meet you in Moscow...

Good luck! 

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