The Words of the Selle Family

20th Anniversary Celebration of Women's Federation for World Peace Welcoming Remarks

Angelika Selle
October 26, 2012
Las Vegas, NV
Vice President of WFWP USA

Good evening beloved women delegates, sisters, and family. I thank Dr. Lan Young Moon very much for bringing the heart of our beloved Father and Mother Moon. Without that heart, we would not be here right now. It is that heart, or Shim Jung in Korean, that kept us here through many difficulties.

I would like to welcome you as well on behalf of WFWP USA in Las Vegas in this beautiful M Resort Spa Hotel. We come together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of WFWP.

I just felt so overwhelmed when you all came in through the hallway, sisters and women from around the country and the world. I felt certain that something was about to happen in this place. This is not a regular event; this is going to be an extraordinary, unbelievable and transformational experience.

Don't you think a higher power moved you to come here? When we chose the title the "Turning Point," we had no idea what kind of turning point it would be. Certainly when our Father Moon transitioned, it was such a huge change for all of us. So I am just warning you, you all are going to experience a turning point before you leave. And if you don't, let me know.

I would like to share a little about WFWP USA. This is not a feminist organization. We do honor men, our brothers. We need to work together. We are destined for that. We cannot do this work by ourselves. For the last five decades, founders of WFWP, Father and Mother Moon, dedicated their lives for living for the sake of others. They brought the Principle of God. That has been their lifestyle. They have moved us so much to do the same, and we also found ourselves transformed doing that. Living for the sake of others is the key to many of our problems.

When I studied the history of WFWP, I was totally moved. So much was accomplished in such a short time. Ordinary women following the mission and vision given by God made an incredible foundation. I would like to honor all of you who have made foundations for this incredible 20-year movement.

Let us thank the Japanese women in this hall to stand up, because it is the Japanese women who have really been the backbone of the WFWP in the USA and the world. Let us honor our Japanese women. They have given everything. They were sent and asked to go to 120 nations around the world to lay foundations for world peace. Here in America, we have an incredible champion. I am very honored to have our first president with us, Nora Spurgin, and our beloved second president, Alexa Ward. I want ask all the founding women and any chairwomen to stand up. Mrs. Betsy Jones, of course. A true hero.

I can just go on and on. Excuse me if I don't mention everyone. Truly these are pioneer women therefore we want to celebrate them and all of us here today.

I would like also to zero in a little bit on the last two and a half years since my appointment and when I began my mission so to speak. My number one job was to make visible what has been done already and to let the world know that this international movement can also be translated to the local level. So, we were focusing on the United States for the last 25 years, and also we realized we really need to focus on the next generation of young women-Because without them we are not going anywhere.

Our theme for 2010-2013 is 'Deeper and Wider.' Deeper meaning that we have to go back to the founding purpose of WFWP. What is the purpose? The purpose is to change the world for real. So, we need to connect again to our own spiritually and to our creator, so that we can get the power to do that. The other point is to expand, to become wider. Here the networking for peace comes into play.

The last two and half years were an outpouring of amazing activities and new leadership coming forward. It was not because of me that this was all accomplished but because of you. You made the foundation that can now quickly bear and see the fruit. I know our Father and Mother Moon love America very much. I feel we are getting a new lease on America, because WFWP is going to take the lead to bring a new spirit and a new heart. I feel God has really prepared a turning point for all of us. The last few years were preparation for this moment, so that when we begin the turning point after the conference, something is in place to grow.

What are we doing here? Why are we here? We are reflecting on the past in order to appreciate, honor and lift those that have laid the foundation. We will also deal with the present as shown by the speakers here together with us. They want to tell us how women can make a difference in different areas from media, business, religion, to all areas where we need change desperately. I was attending a symposium back in New York for International Women's Day, and the conclusion was, 'The world is at its wit's end.' Who has the solutions for the world?

Women and youth will have the answer. Women and youth possess the innate will to be intuitive, to love, to understand, to forgive and to protect life. So that is why they are the last trump card that God has to change the world.

Father and Mother Moon knew this 20 years ago. Maybe we did not understand that, but they did. They first foresaw that a time such as this was going to occur. And those women will be called not just by themselves but with the men, with their husbands. I am grateful that we have breakout sessions. One breakout session talks about men, and we will be given all kinds of tools and insights as to what we can do in our area of where we are to change the world. This era is all about self-change.

We cannot usher in a new era without going beyond old ways of thinking and doing things. We cannot usher in a new era of old way of thinking and doing things. Part of this conference is going to be relaxing too, we will be given tools for healing ourselves and overcoming our anger or whatever is blocking us from becoming peacemakers. I look forward to that.

We want to embrace the next generation and share our knowledge with tit. We look forward to the wisdom that can be shared. Through the global peace network, stories can be shared. This will help us in our way towards finding solutions.

Finally, we want to have fun through dancing and laughter and joy in honoring each other. We will go into the next level, because I know there is another level waiting for us. I hope that we can all do this together, because we are creating the turning point together. Every person here has a turning point.

Why we chose this place in the desert is to be out here in the calm quiet surroundings. We can quietly create something that has not been seen before. We can quietly give birth to something that God needs right now for this this time.

We welcome our founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who will be speaking here herself, sharing her heart and continuing the legacy of Father Moon. She needs all of us women here to bring this breakthrough and this turning point, the real turning point for peace.

So fasten your seatbelts. Let us go on this journey together. I believe it will be a wonderful journey, and we will come away as new people. 

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