The Words of the Selle Family

Women Reflect on "The World Assembly to Proclaim the Embodiment of God's Word and the Era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind"

Angelika Selle
July 24, 2010
Manhattan Center, New York, NY

It was indeed a day and a weekend to remember!

Compared with the inaugural event in Korea on "Proclaiming the Embodiment of God's Word," which I attended and during which I had profound personal experiences, this event in America actually seemed even more inspiring! There was a tremendous expression of testimony and outpouring of heart from both the speakers and the audience, suitable for the Elder-Son Nation!

The educational pre-program, attended by some hundred dignitaries and participants in the Original Divine Principle Workshop, created a perfect bridge and stirred up the hearts of the participants in preparation for what was to come a few hours later.

As we can see from the testimonies of our ladies below, the audience was deeply impressed and moved by the address of our dear international president, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, and his exposition of and deep guidance on the "Lord's Prayer," delivered in a most humble and loving way.

Among all the wonderful presentations by various organizations, the most stunning and earth-shaking was undoubtedly made by none other than our brother Archbishop George Augustus Stallings Jr. And what a testimony it was! It was a witness to the man and woman who are the embodiment of the Word. He testified enthusiastically and unambiguously to the returned Christ who has proven himself through his heart and life of sacrifice to be THE ONE. There are no words to quite repeat what transpired in that astounding speech, and I hope we will get access to a recording of it for all to hear for themselves.

The main program that followed after lunch was nothing less than what one would expect after such a morning. The Lovin' Life Band prepared the atmosphere even further with its well-selected repertoire of songs and lyrics. Its music transformed the mundane reality into one that was powerful, electrified and almost transcendental as more people streamed into the Hammerstein Ballroom from around the country and the world to partake of this moment in history.

Our hostess, Rev. In Jin Moon, with a mother's heart and in a few loving words, made everyone feel welcome and at home. Again, with each following speaker, who all did an excellent job, the hearts of the audience were sensitized and educated as to whom they would be receiving in a few moments. As a representative of Christianity, almost in the position of a John the Baptist, Archbishop Stallings stirred up the audience again by testifying to and proclaiming without a shadow of doubt who the True Parents' of all humankind are. This time he nailed it and sealed it!

When our True Father, together with our beautiful True Mother, moments later took the stage, Heaven and Earth truly welcomed them with expressions of loud applause, whistles, but most of all hearts of gratitude and even tears!!!

Father spoke with such power, vigor and energy as he delivered his speech with the spirit of a 30-year-old. Amazing! The words he spoke hit home deeply and were received wholeheartedly. I and many women I spoke with had a transformational experience as we felt the call of the hour to assist the Lord in these three years to bring about a world of peace. Mothers' hearts are needed to facilitate that, as Father also mentioned in the Hoon Dok Hae session early the next morning. "It is time," he said, "for the women to sacrifice for the Will of God and for me."

On that morning, he also spoke a lot about being a harmonizer and unifier, and about harmony, changing the center of our hearts, making God the center and living together with God 24/7.

He declared a new beginning for America, now that he has laid the conditions for all barriers in the cosmos to be removed.

Newly energized and empowered from this event, I feel that it is now up to all of us to remove the barriers in our own hearts and claim this world and God's children back to Him … one person, one family at a time.

Angelika Selle
President, WFWP-USA


I only attended the morning session. It was very informative and productive. All speakers were good in their fields. The atmosphere was most congenial, and it really looked like one family. The love and affection in the eyes of the people who greeted you was amazing. It reflects a close bonding. The most impressive part was the speech of Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, the son of Father Moon. It was so invigorating. I had always wondered why God does not listen to my prayers. I have an answer now.

Gauhar Khan
Former Member of Parliament, Pakistan

Rev. Moon's kindness and energy were inspiring. I was particularly interested in the educational portion of what he said. The major idea that stuck with me was hope -- the hope for peace across all areas, from personal to global.

The morning education session was definitely highlighted by the explanation of the symbols, and reflections on how to pray.

I LOVED the musicians, as well!

Thank you again for a very interesting and enjoyable experience!

Carol Yingling
Minister and Director of Special Affairs for New England, Church of Scientology

In the morning session, I deeply appreciated Hyung Jin Nim's heartfelt guidance on prayer. His humility set the tone for the event.

During the National Assembly, True Father's love for God and all mankind came through every word of his address. I came away with a deeper understanding of the centrality of his word, expressed through the eight texts, as well as the role that Korea will play in CIG.

The events of the day were greatly enhanced by the stage setting, lighting and music. In Jin Nim's gracious touch could be felt throughout the day. I am deeply grateful that I could attend this event with friends and members of my family.

Alexa Fish Ward
Past President, WFWP-USA

It was an experience to never forget! I will hold that memory of the "World Assembly for the Substantiation of the Word" in my heart forever. How can you describe in mere words about the experience of being in a time and place where our Almighty God and precious Parent, Jesus, all the highest saints and sages -- not to mention the beloved and victorious True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind are all right there with you?

I am eternally grateful that I could have been present there in that room. I attended the ODP Workshop beforehand, and that helped open my senses even more to the bliss and heaven that was there. Even being able to attend the ODP Workshop was a minor miracle for me. I desperately wanted to attend, however, even though our money situation is way into the minus. However, when I decided that this was too important and that I would find a way even if I had to beg, borrow (but not steal) the money to attend, it all just flowed into place. Even after I heard that we wouldn't get the "certificate," I still really wanted to go to help make a good condition for the victory of the July 24 event. I loved the ODP workshop and I feel more clearly aligned with God and True Parents because of it. Through the great victory of the event, I feel much hope and clarity for our movement to go forward victoriously toward D-Day, January 13, 2013!

Thank you!

Dorothy Hill
Upstate NY WFWP Chairwoman 

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