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Little Angels Wow Veterans at Veteran's Administration Hospital in Manhattan

Bob Selle
June 17, 2010

With tears streaming down their faces, veterans at a Veterans Administration hospital in Manhattan listened to the heavenly Little Angels perform several delightful songs.

Following their performances to a nearly full house on each of four nights at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., the Little Angels Children's Folk Ballet of Korea traveled by bus to New York City. After resting for a night, they visited the VA Medical Center on First Avenue and 23rd Street, their bus weaving through the heavy midtown Manhattan traffic and passing a potpourri of exotic international restaurants, copy shops, boutiques, and greengrocers.

On the bus, the three teachers traveling with the 33 girls and 1 boy prepared the children by applying lip gloss (to the girls), powder, and blush. The kids were all dressed in their traveling outfits: red berets, blue dresses (for the girls) and white capes.

At the hospital, the children gathered in an interior courtyard in the huge hospital atrium. A slogan on the wall behind them, amid a thicket of origami cranes, read "The Price of Freedom Is Evident Here." A Little Angels staff member introduced the group, saying it was founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon as a gift of innocence and peace to the world, as well as Korean culture, and also that the purpose of the Little Angels' 16-nation tour is to honor the veterans and thank the countries, especially America, for coming to Korea's aid during the Korean War 60 years ago this month.

The Little Angels then sang to a group of about 120 people. They performed the songs "Arirang," "God Bless America," and the solemn yet glorious Korean national anthem.

At the conclusion, two veterans, patients at the hospital, were specially honored. Cpl. Abil Shark, a Korean War vet who served with the 1st Cavalry Division, and Staff Sgt. Joseph Sommer, another Korean War vet who served with the 1st Marine Division, were awarded special Hero's Medals by two Little Angels girls, who then planted a kiss on each man's grizzled cheek 

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