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Angelika Selle
January 26, 2010

Dear New Hope Families,

Just came back from NYC where I attended our first National Leaders Conference with In Jin Nim as well as the re-inauguration for Dr. Yang.

Many of us were wondering why True Father re-installed Dr. Yang as the continental director, as did Dr. Yang himself. In fact, as he put it, he thought he had graduated from that position and had no desire to come back. We found out through the remarks of Bishop Ki Hoon Kim as well as Rev. Schanker who introduced Dr. Yang, that True Father trained and tested him personally in the last year or so since he left that position and now put him back because his experience and leadership abilities are needed for these next 3 years.

Please note that his PRIMARY responsibility is to ABSOLUTELY unite with and support In Jin Nim (I believe True Father trained him in the area of obedience), and also to work closely together with Bishop Ki Hoon Kim, who became the National IW to teach Heavenly tradition to Blessed Central Families centering on Father's 7 textbooks.

In her short speech after Bishop Kim's farewell address and Dr. Yang's welcoming speech, In Jin Nim shared some remarks, saying that if the two of them -- whom she calls Yin and Yang -- can work well together, there is hope for America. Everyone was laughing at this very inspired and accurate description of their character.

So even though Dr. Yang is back, he will have a quite different role from before, since In Jin Nim is our leader and is opening up a new paradigm for our American movement, a combination of Heart and Professionalism inherited from the Korean movement, letting leaders take ownership here in America to tailor the information to their own specific communities and congregations while integrating Lovin' Life Ministries in it.

I am personally inspired about the support for the local areas that's now available from "heart-quarters," as it is now called, especially from Rev. Josh Cotter and Heather Thalheimer, who led our National Leadership Conference. Second Gen leaders were present as well, and all of us together were in for a lively, exciting conference, the sort of which I haven't seen in our American movement yet. THIS MUST BE A NEW DAY!

At the end of her remarks yesterday after the inauguration ceremony at 43rd Street, In Jin Nim said, as her eyes seemed to look into the distance: "I am sensing today that a lot of blessings will be coming to America from this year on." That indicated to me that something important was accomplished internally, upon which we now can move forward by leaps and bounds -- TOGETHER as one team!

Looking forward to share with you so much more this coming Sunday after service in the "Pulse of a New America" session as I call it, and in an ongoing manner throughout these 3 very crucial and also hopeful years.

Pastor Angelika 

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