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Christmas in March

Bob Selle
April 1, 2009

Santa came in March to kids at the pediatric ward of Prince Georges Hospital in Cheverly, Maryland. As part of a festive celebration on God’s Day, 2009, members of New Hope Family Church had donated a barrel full of new toys for distribution to children in an area hospital.

Staff of the hospital enthusiastically accepted the 40 or so toys that were brought to the facility by Senior Pastor Angelika Selle and her husband Bob, on March 19th. The institution, which is an acute-care teaching hospital and regional referral center, sits on a hill surrounded by a screen of woods that insulate it from the homes and highways round about.

The toys, which were intended to brighten the day of some of the children in the hospital’s pediatric wards, ranged from stuffed animals, books and board games to a full-size artist’s easel.

Karen Goldman, the hospital public-liaison person, said the toys will “absolutely thrill” the children patients of the 290-bed, 1,800-staff health-care facility. “Whenever the phone rings,” she said, “I never know what [sort of complaint or problem] there might be coming my way. But when I took your call, I was just so overjoyed by your thoughtfulness and generosity. This will really make so many kids’ day!”

The toys, Ms. Goldman explained, will be used not only for cheering up and providing distraction to sick youngsters but as gifts for siblings of sick or newborn children. This will give the non-patients a needed boost -- a message of inclusion and affirmation.

New Hope’s modest gift to Prince George’s Hospital Center was inspired by the Family Federation’s philosophy of “living for the sake of others.” Members of New Hope try to emulate the sacrificial and generous lives of the Family Federation’s founders, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, as well as to embrace Jesus’ dictum to “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

Submitted by Bob Selle from New Hope Family Church in Maryland 

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