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Photo Contest Deadline Extended

Bob Selle
May 10, 2007


Many wonderful photos have been streaming in during the last few weeks -- but it would be good to have even more! Therefore, the deadline for the photo contest is hereby extended till June 15. Remember, First Prize is $100; Second Prize, $75; Third Prize, $50; and 3 Honorable Mention Prizes, $25 each. And also remember, we're looking for well-composed, inspiring human-interest photos that convey the joy and meaning of the Unificationist experience; photos that are warm and friendly, moving or powerful.

The photos can include family photos (formal and informal); informal Blessing photos; shots of kids playing, learning, competing, etc.; nature photos, ideally with people included (foreground or background); photos of adults and families at work, at play, at table, at prayer, at worship, with pets, with babies, doing missionary work, serving others. Inspirational moments at community events are welcome. Photos will be judged on the basis of their innate human interest, emotional impact, and aesthetic appeal.

As announced before, the Family Federation will publish the best such photos on its upcoming new website for religious seekers and as illustrations in future literature (credit will be given on each photo used). Submitting photos in the contest automatically provides the Family Federation with permission to use them on an as-needed basis, but their ownership remains with the submitting photographers. Please submit high-resolution photos by e-mail, ideally in JPEG format.

Thanks for your help, Jorg.

All the best,

Bob Selle

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