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The Spirit Is Moving - Memo From Angelika Selle

March 19, 2003

The Spirit Is Moving

Last Saturday, we had our second prayer breakfast for clergy in Prince George's County at Prophetess Patra Kidwells' God Ministry International Church in Landover, MD. There was love and warmth in the air. Every person who entered the rather small sanctuary, which was transformed into a banquet room, came with a smile and got a hug. Rev. Adrien Bayo ,our facilitator, brought everyone together in heart with a spirited introduction followed by heartfelt song and prayer. There were about 15 of us, five clergy and the rest brothers and sisters.

We didn't know what we were really in for until the main speaker, Rev. Charles Agbaza of the Celestial Church of Christ, began to speak. He chose a scripture from one of the letters of Peter that dealt with removing barriers -- barriers and concepts in our own minds and hearts -- and how they make Christ suffer. Then he shared a gripping testimony about a dream he had with Jesus. Tears came to my eyes and to those of many around me. We strongly felt Jesus' presence in the room. It was as if this dream was specially given to this very anointed pastor to share with other ministers at this time -- ministers whom God is now asking to connect with the True Jesus. After Rev. Agbaza concluded, singing, prayer and worship spontaneously sprang up from the deep souls of many. Needless to say, all the ministers present signed up for the upcoming clergy convocation in Ocean City.

Because of the depth and significance of this timely testimony, we asked Rev. Agbaza to share it again tomorrow, Thursday at the ACLC prayer luncheon at 12 noon at Columbia Road church. This luncheon is open to everyone, especially if you work with a church! Just call Rev. Bayo at 202-291-1633.

Immerse yourself into the Spirit of God and the heart of Jesus that are powerfully moving wherever they can. Jesus and the Spirit of God are doing the witnessing. All we need to do is BE AVAILABLE! There is no doubt that Jesus is waiting to share his heart with his beloved ministers and also with us.

Words of Encouragement

At this time of the Cheon Il Guk, God and True Parents are hoping for us to take ownership, especially with regard to the ministers here in America. Their positive response to the LSA at this time will turn the tide for goodness to prevail and for God to continue to stay with this country.

Therefore, let us help each other. If you have any minister contact here in the DC area and you don't know what to do or how to proceed, please give me or Mary Holden a call. We want to work with you.

One more testimony to share: Yesterday while driving in the car, the song: "Can't You See the Love" from the movie "The Lion King" came on the radio. I turned the volume on high and began to sing along loudly. I was overcome by a feeling of God's immense and intense love, just like bursting out of the seams of His heart -- a love He wants to share so badly with all of us and especially the ministers. I was grateful for having fellowship with Him in that way. .

How to express that kind of love and make it substantial is the question. Many of us after having come back from a mountaintop experience in Korea felt the stark contrast of reality at home, and because of illness or the reality of our financial situation we feel compelled to take care of other things. There is no question that we have to do that.

However, let us remind each other of attending to God's greatest concern right now -- at least in heart and prayer.

I believe that since the Cheon Il Guk Blessing we are on a path to victory, and even though there still seem to be obstacles, we have the spiritual power to overcome them and turn them into opportunities!!!

Angelika Selle

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