The Words of the Selig Family

5th World Peace Tour Sample Program

Bill Selig
December 17, 2006
Montgomery Family Church

1. Prayer - We pray for holy sanctification of this venue, that it will be assisted by angels, Jesus, Holy Spirit, TP, and for a beautiful true family celebration.

2. Holy Nectar - We're going to begin this family celebration with a toast to True Love. This nectar has been prayed upon. It will bind us together as families committed to peace all over the world. Husbands face your wife. Couples take one glass. Everyone else take one glass. Those with their wives should drink half the contents first, than pass to husband. Unmarried persons should drink for their ideal spouse. Let us toast to true peace.

3. Message - This message is being shared in 1200 homes, churches, mosques and synagogues across America. Eventually it will be carried to 120 countries. It is part of Heaven's instructions to Father and Mother Moon as a condition to save the world and with the mandate that it be fulfilled before the end of the year. The principal content deals with the commandment that God gave to Adam and Eve that deals with absolute purity before marriage and absolute fidelity during marriage, with the understanding that a Holy Marriage is for eternity. It is the standard that God wanted to establish in the Garden of Eden, and is the absolute prerequisite to build the ideal family and the ideal kingdom. The speech is about 45 minutes long.

4. Prayer - We pray to have the spirit of Heavenly Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and TP bind our blessed families together for eternity. With gratitude, we thank You for the empowerment to share this message and that we can participate in the building of God's kingdom (Chung il Guk) on earth. Thank you saints, sages, and angels for your support and protection. We offer this report and ceremony in the names of True Parents, Jesus and the Prophets, all those gathered here, and in all that is sacred, AJU.

5. Refreshments and Fellowship


a.. Holy Nectar (Add 3 drops of holy wine to juice.)

b.. True Father's address - "God's Model for Absoluteness, Peace and the Ideal Is the Family and Global Kingdom Upholding Absolute Sexual Morality"

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