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National Won Jeon Shrine Dedication Ceremony

William Selig
October 30, 2003

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Here is a report on the National Won Jeon Shrine Dedeication. Attached is the PDF file with photos.

p. s. If you cannot open a pdf file, you can go to the following website and download adobe acrobat reader for free.

October 2003

Dear Families,

On October 9, we dedicated the National Won Jeon Shrine and held a commemorative memorial service for the eight members who were in a temporary mausoleum and recently transferred to Fort Lincoln Cemetery.

It was a beautiful bright sunshiny day and the atmosphere clear and fresh. Rev. Levy Daugherty was the emcee. Rev. Schanker gave the benediction. Kathy Hill opened with a reading from the Divine Principle and a message from President Lincoln. Then Antonio Betancourt and Bill Selig described the history and background leading up to this day. The Won Jeon Dedication Address was given by Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins.

We had an inspiring ribbon-cutting ceremony with representatives of the families. Following the tradition of our True Parents, Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins signed sections of the ribbons and along with the scissors gave them to the families. The ribbon was held by two STFers, Michel Zambon and Yuson Tobkin.

After the festive ceremony, each of the families gave testimony, including Kitty Wojcik, Martyn Byrne, Steve Symonds, Tom McDevitt, and Ichiko Marshall. Michael Balcomb spoke about Oleksiy Veligurov who was buried on Oct. 6. Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong gave the benediction and the closing cheers of mansei.

A delicious reception was organized by Maria Agres with assistance from Mary Holden, Donna Selig, and Youn Jeong Quinn who made a beautiful offering table. Otmar Weinmann provided the music, while Rev. Randy Francis took care of many organizational details. Jim Howell did a fine job putting together the printed program.

Our property is finally beginning to take shape. Sod was recently laid, and several of the markers are in place including the one for Jin Joo Byrne. The Won Jeon Shrine is meant to be a place for prayer and meditation. Already we are looking at several designs of an impressive entranceway into our property.

If you've already purchased a plot we thank you, but if you're still pondering the idea or pushing it to the backburner, please come forward. We need as many families as possible to buy a plot and support this project. This is a grassroots inspired activity. It is totally funded and made possible by our hard working heavenly families.

A plot and crypt currently costs $2,000. The price is scheduled to go up in January 2004.

For more information about the Seung Hwa Ceremony, look on-line at If you have any questions, call 202-269-5337 or

William Selig
National Won Jeon Shrine

P.S. Make your check payable to HSA-UWC and mail to: Attn: William Selig, 3600 New York Ave., NE, Suite 360, Washington, DC 20002-1947.

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