The Words of The Seidel Family

Remarks Before True Motherís Speech

Diesa Seidel
Poughkeepsie, NY
April, 1999

For me it is important to reflect regularly on my path of life. As an athlete, I realize the dedication needed to attain a higher standard of achievement. On a team, each individual must dedicate him or herself to the goal and must sacrifice their own personal ambition in order to bring about unity and success. Likewise, the family should function as a team with a common goal. Only then can it contribute to world peace by taking steps to realize a greater accord between different nationalities, ethnicity and races. Thus, we need effective families which are built on the commitments and sustained contributions of each individual member.

Now I ask myself what I can do as a teenager to prepare for my future family. As I see it, most grownups do not know enough about the struggles and pressures young people are exposed to. For example, I saw some athletes building their bodies during the week and destroying it over the weekend. Often peer pressure can be overwhelming and resisting it takes more than knowing about good moral and ethical standards. In my experience, it takes convictions.

I have to be sure that following the voice of my conscience means that God is on my side. Only then can I feel the courage to influence my peers in a positive way. Before these convictions are developed, there is a lot of soul-searching to be done. In my case, I realized more and more how effective true family values are in guiding me through life. There is an increasing need for upholding the value of sexual abstinence before marriage. My participation in Pure Love Alliance activities gave me more courage to be clear on that point. However, it is in the family that I received the foundations for my convictions. To have a sibling or a parent always there to help you out when you donít know to whom to turn is one thing a Visa Card canít buy. Therefore, I believe that one of the most important investments we can make is in our family. I am grateful that I was raised by parents who shared the vision and values of Rev. and Mrs. Moon.

The family is thus the ultimate vehicle for realizing a world of peace. During my upbringing, I discovered that it is often the small things in life which bring peace by making the family more harmonious. Doing the dishes for a tired dad, spending time to help sis with her homework, and listening to a troubled brother, all translate into a stronger ability to love beyond the realm of home bonds.

If each individual feels genuinely needed, uniquely valued and unconditionally loved, the abuses of our society will crumble more quickly. I thank you for your time this evening and I invite you to consider the message of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon with an open heart and mind.

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