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RYS Alumni in Action

Diesa Seidel
June 10, 2008

Diesa Seidel, an alumnus of four RYS projects and an organizer of several RYS-related programs and fundraisers, has taken her experiences to a new level by forming her own nonprofit organization-United Initiatives for Peace (UIP).

With the theme "enabling global synergy," UIP is a global nonprofit organization that collaborates with a variety of institutions (charitable, governmental, religious, educational, medical, and corporate) to establish philanthropic and humanitarian service projects dedicated to the holistic evolution of the human race. UIP's primary focus is to create opportunities and constructive programs for underprivileged youth by promoting higher education and offering services to empower their future.

UIP's current project is Scholars for Ballers, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament for high school girls in Newark, New Jersey, which will provide participants with an alternate source of scholarship funds for higher education. The organization's newest initiative, Court Quest, plans to build basketball courts in high-need communities as a means to promote youth sports, character development and higher education.

Please visit to learn more about these programs, the organization and its upcoming events.  

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