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UTS Intensive Courses 2006 in Europe

Dietrich Seidel
October 24, 2006

The current dates are cancelled. There are new dates for both courses.

TH 605 Unification Theology
ED 445 Marriage and Family Enrichment

Dear Friends,

The Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) will offer courses on a regular basis in Europe. As a start, I will teach two Intensive Courses, in the Vienna area, presenting a one semester, 15 week two credit course content (30 hours of instruction) in five days or on two consecutive weekends (Friday 17:00 hours till Sunday 18:00 hours).

As you may know, Father emphasizes in many of his speeches that the leadership in our movement needs to have theological education as provided by UTS. Now there is the opportunity to attend UTS courses without traveling to the United States. You can help pioneering this effort by enrolling in one of the UTS Intensive Courses.

This letter covers general information about the two Intensive Courses and it includes the dates and place for conducting these courses. The final decision about which course will be offered depends on meeting the goal of a minimum enrollment of ten students. Please send me your response about the courses by e-mail. For registration click on my web site and click on UTS Intensive Courses. More information concerning the final dates, detailed daily schedule, room and board, and directions to the meeting place will be sent out in a separate e-mail.

(1) TH 605 Unification Theology (2 credits)

Place: Haus Regenbogen, Vienna Area (Seebenstein, Austria) Time: Five Days: Friday, November 10, 2006, 17:00 hours till Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 14:00 hours

Course Description:

Why should we study theology? As believers we trust in the fulfillment of God's promises. We hope to become heirs of his kingdom through sharing his love. To accomplish such a vision, we need to provide theological insights that have the power to stimulate unity among people and to overcome past barriers of race, culture and religion. Studying theology then moves us forward to a deeper faith, a renewal of our religious heritage and an open mind that prepares us for interfaith dialogue in a spirit of universal brotherhood.

This course examines the relationship between the Judeo-Christian and Unification traditions with regard to their specific interpretative approaches of major theological teachings.

We will discuss theological doctrine in three major sections:

I. God, Creation and Fall
II. Redemption and Christology
III. Providential History and Eschatology (teachings of the "Last Things").

The scope of theological investigation will include the uniqueness of Jewish teachings and the Catholic, Lutheran and Calvinist interpretations. In particular, we will use relevant writings of a few selected theologians such as Augustine of Hippo, Anselm of Canterbury, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Friedrich Schleiermacher, Albert Schweizer and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

The major goal of this course consists of showing creative ways of theological reflection that will point out new dimensions of compatibility between the Christian and Unification traditions. According to comments of students who took this course in the past, it became clear that they could not only discuss more effectively theological issues with Christian clergy but they also deepened their life of faith based on a more profound understanding of the Divine Principle. Here is the opportunity to ask all those questions you always wanted to ask but did not yet have the chance to do so. Please consult the section below "General Information for both Intensive Courses".

(2) ED 445 Marriage and Family Enrichment (2 credits)

This course will most likely be held near Genava, Switzerland, the second week in December 2006. Exact place and time will be announced around November 15, 2006.

Course Description:

Given the practical nature of the Marriage and Family Enrichment course with its daily applicability for married life, family interactions and successful human relationships, I am inviting you to take this course for credit (in pursuit of an Accredited UTS Master Degree) or to audit it within the UTS Continuing Education Program.

From all the things we do in our lives, it is our investment in building loving relationships that deserves the highest priority. See this course as a great venture in exploring a more profound understanding of our human potential to become genuinely loving and to learn effective skills that allow us to experience our original endowment to become loving object partners for God through a healthy marriage and family life.

This course is highly recommended not only for enriching marital and family relationships but also as a preparation for marriage. The full-hearted effort and enthusiasm you put into this course will bring substantial results in accomplishing your vision of a loving marriage and family.

Based on a more scholarly approach, we will also discuss contemporary issues of marriage and family life and explore in particular Christian and Unification perspectives on the theology of marriage and family relationships. The application of theology towards the well being of family life will provide fruitful ground for interdenominational dialogue and service projects.

On the practical side, we will study authors who are internationally known for their cutting edge research in the marriage and family field such as Howard Markman, Scott Stanley, Les Parrott, Michele Weiner-Davis, Harville Hendrix, John Gray, James Dobson and Gary Smalley. Each session will provide hands on exercises for individuals and couples in order to be able to digest and apply the presented material.

The course Marriage and Family Enrichment will cover four major areas: (1) Building a Successful Marriage (spirituality and theology of marriage, facing the myths of marriage, personal growth in marriage) (2) Communication Skills (understanding love, identify your love languages, effective communication) (3) Conflict Resolution (appreciating differences, anatomy of conflict, ground rules for problem solving) (4) Intimacy in Marriage and Family Life (becoming soul mates, protecting and fulfilling our sexual life, faithfulness, forgiveness and commitment) Couples are encouraged to enroll together in this course. Find out about special discounts for couples who register together by consulting the section below "General Information for Both Intensive Courses".

General Information for Both Intensive Courses

Academic classes operate with 50min periods for one hour of instruction. This means 100 minutes class time (1 h 40 min) for a two hour class session.

Both Intensive courses have 15 two-hour sessions or 30 hours of instruction, which is the requirement for a two credit course based on the semester system. Each session will consist of alternate periods of short lectures and student participation, thus giving the class ample opportunity to contribute to the discussion of the course material.

Let me briefly explain the meaning of "two credit course". UTS is now changing to the semester system for scheduling classes starting with the academic year 2006/2007. This means courses will now be in session for a time period of 15 weeks replacing the previous 10 week terms. Based on this change, our two intensive courses will now be two credit courses, offering the 15 week two hours weekly instruction in five days or on two weekends. In terms of time investment, our two credit courses are equal to the previous three credit courses with the 10 week trimester system.

Each of these two courses with thirty hours of instruction can be taken either within the UTS Continuing Education Program for a tuition fee of $325 (includes a UTS certificate), or as a three credit course taken for credit that qualifies as part of an accredited master program with a tuition fee of $ 650.- ( requires a term paper and one exam). There will be an additional fee of 20$ to cover photocopied reading material.

There is a special discount for couples who register together for either the Marriage and Family Enrichment course or the Unification Theology course. If one spouse is enrolled in the Continuing Education course with a tuition fee of $325.-, or takes the course for credit (tuition fee of $650.-), then the other spouse pays only $90.- per credit hour ($180.for the two credit course) as the tuition fee for the Continuing Education course which includes a UTS certificate. Full tuition fees apply for both spouses if they both take the course for credit to advance their master degree at UTS. At registration for the Intensive Courses the whole tuition fee is due. However, in special circumstances installments can be made. First, 25% of the total tuition fee plus the additional fee of $20.- for reading materials is required to register for the Intensive Courses ( initial payment of $87.- for the Continuing Education courses and $168.- if the course is taken for credit towards a master degree). To pay the remainder of the tuition fee, three more monthly payments of $ 87.- for the continuing Education courses and $168.- for credit courses are required. During the course, I will distribute handouts and additional reading materials that will facilitate the learning process.

To register for the course please send me first an e-mail. Later, please go to my website "" and click on "Intensive Courses". If you have difficulties with the Internet please send me an e-mail again or leave a message. We can e-mail or fax a registration form to you. After your registration and payment of the tuition fee, your place in the Intensive Course is secured. For the course to be taught there needs to be a minimum of ten enrolled students.

Students from Europe may find it easier to use my Austrian bank account for paying the tuition fee.

The tuition fee for Continuing Education courses, including the fees for reading material ($345.-) and currency conversion, in Euros will be 275.-. You can also send a bank check or money order to Dietrich Seidel c/o Margaretha Vesely Rechte Bahngasse 8/7; 1030 Wien, Austria.

I am looking forward meeting you in our Intensive Courses. God bless you, Dietrich Seidel, PhD.

PS: Room and board will be available at Seebenstein, with 15.- Euro per night and 20.-Euro for three meals per day. If there are more questions, please send an e-mail.

Course Schedule: For Unification Theology

Fiday Nov.10 Start of Intensive Course: 17:00 3 hour session 18:30 21:30
Saturday Nov. 11 3 hour session 9:00 12:00 3 hour session 15:30 18:30
Sunday Nov. 12 3 hour session 9:00 12:00 3 hour session 15:30 18:30
Monday Nov. 13 3 hour session 9:00 12:00 3 hour session 15:30 18:30
Tuesday Nov. 14 3 hour session 9:00 12:00 3 hour session 15:30 18:30
Wednesday Nov. 15 3 hour session 9:00 12:00 End of Intensive Course: 14:00

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