The Words of the Sechrist Family

Age of Confusion About Father

Steve Sechrist
February 6, 1999

This time we are going though now seems to be a time where no sin can be left unexposed -- let alone the sins of the True family, (yes I believe there is sin there, as there is "separation from God" everywhere on this earth.)

What does it mean Messiah? Remember our studies at the Seminary? It's anointed one. That's it. Father is not above mistakes, or even separation from God. He simply has a mandate of providence. Look what this impoverished man from a war ridden nation has done in his lifetime. Could this have happened without the help, indeed endorsement of God?

I read one message comparing this time to the crucifixion of Jesus. I believe this is accurate. Surely the questioning and doubts we endure now in the face of the events of our time are no less than what was experienced by the many who followed Jesus -- just to see him nailed to a tree and die by the weight of his own body choking off his breath. I'm thinking now not of the disciples, the core leaders if you will, but the little people, like us, trying to raise a family, do the right thing and somehow touched by the teaching of this man. How their life must have been in disarray after this event.

We are no less moved today by the teachings of DP and the personality of Father. Like you, my life has been changed by Father. I have been touched by the insights and inspiration that he as brought to me personally. But this was not his personal gift -- it was a gift from God through the "anointed one". We honor Jesus because of his sacrifice, I too honor Father because of the sacrifice he has made in the name of God for the sake of all mankind.

So too, are we shaken by recent events as the disciples were shaken by the arrest and ultimate murder of Jesus. Could there be a more effective way to destroy True Parents and what they represent than to destroy their family? As a parent, wouldn't it be easier to accept death than the betrayal of a child or children to everything you have worked and sacrificed to achieve over the course of your entire life? This is particularly so since the central message is one of world peace through ideal families.

What remains core to me, is the revelation of Divine Principle. God's original and unchanging plan to restore the lost relationship with His children through a process we have come to know as indemnity.

I am convinced that there is nothing more significant I can give to my daughter than this heritage -- regardless of how other human beings choose to respond to this message. Even Father himself can abandon DP and it would not change the core message, or goal -- just set things back a bit. I believe you are wise in not going down the path of judgment. I have avoided that road for a long time. The central question here is: will the behavior of a particular individual or group change my belief in what I have come to know as revealed truth? My personal answer is: no way.

Also, I have found comfort in my relationships with other church members. Those whom I know believe in the core values and want to teach their children the same things I believe and want taught. We support each other locally--much like this group offers support "electronically" if you will.

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