The Words of the Schwager Family

Reflections of Dae Mo Nim's Europe tour

Selina Schwager
April 2005

Event in Germany

All people of the WT Teams from France and Spain and both FR Teams from Switzerland had the honour to be servants on that special event. We all worked really hard to get preparations done on the place where the big event was going to take place.

It wasn’t easy to make out of a big, dark and ugly hall into a bright, colourful and welcoming place for all brothers and sisters and especially for HJN and DMN. Some of us even worked until 2 o’clock the next morning. Although everybody seemed to be really tired on that great day, we were so grateful that we could be part of such a special moment.

None were there solely for themselves. Everybody had a special mission. Some had to be bouncers at each door, some worked behind the stage to be responsible for special sound effects, some were recording and some even were on stage to present some flowers, holy water or holy wine to DMN. Only 3 of us led the Ansu-Session with two other BC's from Germany. Susie was the main leader. On her right side was Steven (her husband) and I was on her left. Honestly speaking it was the first time for me to do that job properly. I remember having joined the Cheong-A Team just for ten minutes in Cheong Pyung. I really had enough reasons not to go on stage, but somehow I believed in spiritual power. Indeed as I was singing on stage, I felt such an incredible support from the spiritual world. It was great and strange to look at all the crazy people who where clapping and hitting themselves at the same time. After the Ansu-Session which was quite short (only 30 min), I was fully covered in sweat and I felt really tired. Then TF came in my mind that He invested all what He had and it costs Him all sweat, blood and tears. By thinking this, I felt really happy to have done something for the sake of others. After the event was over, some people came up to me and told me that they could feel power coming down from the stage while doing Ansu. This just showed me once again how present the spiritual world is on Earth.

All in all we had a great day. We could feel the preciousness of each moment. One thing is for sure, if we STF members would not have been supporting and helping to get all things done for that special event, then it would not have happened. Once again, thanks to all of you!!!

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