The Words of the Schwager Family

Witnessing Workshop Reflections

Selena Schwager
March, 2005

I think the highlight for me at this WS was the evening, when we closed officially all our FR conditions. We had a great dinner all together. But more important than physical food for me was to realize, that we already finished our preparation for WT which is FR. Somehow I am now really looking forward to go WT although I am sure it will be really challenging. WT is for me a step higher than FR. It does not mean to meet random people on the street, it means to bring Gods lost children back to him.

Through witnessing I can check my own attitude, how much I am connected with God and the spiritual world and in which points I still have to work on. I donít really know what I shall expect from it. I am sure that investment is never lost. Of course it would be really nice to have a lot of spiritual children but I never know what God has prepared for me. Maybe I still need to deepen my relationship to God which also means to witness to myself.

I think my main goal will be to not give up. Wherever I will face difficulties, there will be the chance to grow internally and to become a better person. If I am not able to find spiritual children now, then God will give me the experiences I need to find some in future.

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