The Words of the Schwager Family

God's Day 2005

Selina Schwager
January 2005

This was really a special one. Although it was Christmas, it didnít feel like it.

I was surprised that for the first time, I was so serious on Godís Day, on the Day of Victory of Love and on Jesusí Birthday. I really liked Godís Day Celebration which we held in Camberg.

We were given a lot of free time on this ws and I spent a lot of time reflecting. I thought a lot about what I learned so far through people I met in FR and through all the difficulties my team and I went through. What I liked the most about reflection time was the individual 90 minutes prayer outside. While I was doing it, I could share my heart with Heavenly Father and afterwards I felt somehow so free.

A also enjoyed the lectures we had very much this time and also all the testimonies. I always like to listen to others and I try to find something that I can learn from them. I think I got a few really good new advices to do better on my next FR condition.

This time when we went to Camberg to do a challenge Day, I had so much FUN. It was just good that we could do something in our old teams. I was a bit sad how things went in my team on the last condition. But then I was so grateful that we could end together while doing all the challenges.

I think we cooperated especially when we have been in the forest and had to cross the spider-net. I think everyone had the greatest fun doing wrestling.

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