The Words of the Schmidt Family

Arizona Church Visit

Naomi Schmidt
March 7, 2006

Hello from Arizona! Amadea and Jin's teams had the privilege to attend the Phoenix Family Church. There, a wonderful morning service was given about how God always sees and values the small investments we make, even if we ourselves don't feel appreciative of them.

The pastor gave us a real life example of how a Native American brought in a request pursuing the idea to receive more funds for a local building in his town. Yet this request was up against many more significant ones in the Government eyes and would most likely not pass. Even though this man knew that his chances were slim to none, he still traveled 5 hours and made his best efforts for his small community.

It's this kind of sincere investment and effort that God can recognize. Anyway, I was really moved by this point. These little efforts that we make each day, that maybe no one recognizes can really matter the most to God. This is what moves God's heart. So it may seem to us at times that going to these churches or fundraising or anything we do in life doesn't make all that much of an impact.

Still we have to trust that any small effort can move God's heart. I realized sincerity is the underlining factor. This is what Heavenly Father is looking for. By understanding this, I felt more free to give to the brothers and sisters there at the church as we did different team building activities and enjoyed good food! I feel I can make these small efforts knowing that their significance is greater than it may seem. with this I will go out to the frontline to invest into the people with renewed conviction that this nation of America will eventually come to stand before God.

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