The Words of the Schenk Family

1st SET FR Condition Reflections

William Schenk
December 16, 2006

In this first FR condition I learned a lot in such a short time living in a team. I felt that God put me in this team for a special reason. All of us are so completely different, but because weíre in a team for such a long time, youíre basically forced to get along with everyone. In normal life you can somehow choose your friend, but you cannot choose your team. Because you become friends with your team, you automatically become more open minded, of course itís not easy in the beginning and I still feel I have to improve to unite as a team, and Iím happy that I now understand the value of uniting.

We did a lot of MFT and I challenged myself with shops and blitzing, it gives a satisfying feeling to overcome these fears, somehow I now donít feel so limited as before. I now know that if I can overcome the fear of bothering people in a restaurant with everyone looking at me, I can overcome all these small fears in the rest of my life.

For me FR was not always easy, itís hard to keep focused when youíre FR 6 days a week. But my goals helped me with that, and I felt I was stable in the last two weeks, internally and externally, and I could really understand that investment is never lost, itís just a heavenly law that if you give or invest that there will always be an outcome, maybe not the same day or some week, but it will come one day.

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