The Words of the Schell Family

Following Father After World War II

Ralph Schell
May 10, 1999

Every country that did not follow Father in the '40's and '50's - straight after WWII - went down the tube that way. First comes materialism to focus their minds solely on this world, after that comes promiscuity focussing them just that little bit lower so they forget all else. So what you're seeing is stage 1, don't worry. these places are "modernizing" pretty darn quick so you'll see a result of stage 2 much quicker upon them than it was upon us. Africa unfortunately didn't gain so much wealth so far, so 'the old goat' has gone the direct route with that and other such continents, hitting them below the below with stage 2 straight off the bat. We in the UC are, compared even to our own family, not 'with it' - meaning if we don't have jobs outside or work with people outside we're pretty much out of touch with the world at large. At least we can say we're a fairly traditional lot as far as society goes.

The younger generation have also been living in far greater wealth in both East and West, so it's not surprising that they fall for the trap of materialism advertised all over TV by the likes of MTV etc. Also you have a point there when you mention the point of 'carving up the cake' (internal viewpoint what to do with all the booty), it's called getting back at them 'rich white folks'.

Who knows what all our forefathers did while colonizing the world? Hey, I'm Dutch, the h"ll I know what some of mine did ! We didn't invent the slave trade, that was around since long before Roman times, but we took it to a new high...! So, of course there may be some in SW who'd be really p"ss"d off about getting torn away from their families. Not only that, the colonizers usually ripped out all the resources of the land and carted all the valuable stuff back to their homelands, be it ore, china, spice, whatever... and left behind a wasteland basically. We also started a few wars here and there, re-drew borders, split up peoples and cultures and traditions to keep them all quiet e.g. the Opium war or mixing the Kurds among four different nations - the divide and conquer strategy.

So if the Asians don't watch out they're liable to heed their ancestors' call to put the shoe on the other foot, just to get even with us. And since we reckon that the UC is the place where this kind of restoration is gonna hit us head-on, it's likely that this could be the 'Cain-motivation' of some of the Orientals (or at least the SW) around them. Especially if they've not been trained in Christian ethics for at least a couple of generations, that point *is* a real plus for us in the West. And since Christianity gave Father the boot after the war it is not very likely that a great number of Christian heritage will be found among Father's first following. So what they could be teaching their kids is a mix of old and new (the new being what Father teaches...)

Actually, looking at their past, Orientals seem to pride themselves greatly on having pure lineages. If they said so over here, they'd be accused of racism like the KKK. Take a look a how *old* some of those countries are, and they've had little or no intermingling of nations and peoples (or even cultures) for centuries, long before we came upon the scene. If you look at Europe and the US, they've had a history of large-scale movement and uprooting of people, as well as many conquests by many nations e.g. the Greeks, the Romans, the germanic tribes, the Huns, you name it.

So the whole lot is more a mixed bunch, especially around the low countries and Britain, which eventually fostered the US, which gave rise to even more immigrants and movement and intermingling (at least in the early stages). So it's good in one way, to build up a unified tradition, but when it goes wrong.... Understand also that not all the Koreans were 'the good guys', fighting against totalitarianism. Only the Christians were, for the most part - that's right, the one's that gave Father the boot.... So most others went along with the rulers of the day, which were the Japanese or the Germans in our case, and collaborated with them. I know for a fact that percentage wise more Jews were hauled out of Holland than in many parts. That's a fact of life, once the opposition (resistance) gets going, then that alarms the oppressors and they crack down, of course. So probably a lot of old (and maybe young) Orientals are still carting around the ideas of *their* forefathers. And when they get into leadership position, such will eventually come out....

My wife also comes from a distinctly traditional area of Japan. Only *after* CPL did I get an inkling of idea that we were *talking* to each other. I admit, my old man spent three years in a POW camp in Indonesia with a lot of Dutch military. And, of course, what all happened? Father's solution for a quick resolution to the problems of former enemies is to have them marry and love each other. That's what happened to a sister on the other list (HHI) I reckon, only with me and my wife I knew it was WW 5,6 "and" 7 all at once. CPL did get away the fallen nature but did remove a couple of nasties on her side, so I'll have to go there one day as well... Maybe we excel at getting external things from our own people better than they, but believe me, what I hear from Japan through my wife makes what the US is doing like like a pee in the sand. Some people there, for the sake of providential purposes, have put themselves into hock "for the rest of their lives" ! I almost fell over backwards hearing that. And I know I pretty far myself...

So now the stick's in the other hand, and we in the UC are getting the short end of it. Might be time to understand that the pre-eminence of the Western culture is over. It was built up around Christianity, which itself is rapidly in decline. I heard friends talk of a book called "Die Untergang des Abendlandes" (hey, any German on the list wanna correct me on this?) about the downfall of Western civilisation.... Don't exactly know how old the book is, but it's been around for quite some time.

So we can whine about our providential position being turned around but I don't think it'll help, not before Heaven's timetable. If they are a bit uppity about their 'time in history', let 'em! So were we. Thing is how you deal with this personally, if you offer all you have and do to Father, no-one can touch you not even them. The more they seem to take away, the more God'll keep in store for you later, and otherwise your descendants will reap the benefits. Like you said, if somebody's misusing money *they'll* pay for it later. Let them do whatever they like now... we're all going over to the other side one day. Do you want your memories to be only of those who took you for a ride or those of people who you loved and cared for and who replied in kind? Again like you said, we definitely have something going for us - OUR Christianity - something that all can learn from if well applied as it is the basis of Father's teachings. So keep up the good fight and don't let 'em get you down!

Sooner or later they may wise up to what is really needed, until then let's bear with them. They're a far sight better than Communist cadre leaders or revolutionaries who could shoot you just for saying a wrong word. That ain't permissible in our movement, even the breaking of hearts isn't but don't we all do it every day by our careless and unthoughtful actions? How much more they who are under such enormous pressure from Father to bring results?

So we *can* ask ourselves, why didn't Father choose *me* to lead these people, I could do it far better than they! Maybe you could, maybe Dan could, maybe *they* need to learn (like how to care for members and not just be responsible for them - not easy for Orientals), maybe *we* need to learn how to be even better followers in order to become far, far better leaders later on. Maybe this is the last emergency time on our hands now, so these kind of things might only be touched upon after this time when things settle down (quite) a little, sometimes dust takes a long, long time to settle. Let's wait and see what Father does after the next big Blessing and not try to second guess each and every one of his motives every step of the way.

Sometimes our over-analytical Western mind gets in the way of true understanding which can sometimes be better gained by prayer, study or meditation. I've noticed that a lot at my place of work. Sometimes I'd be dwelling on a problem trying to figure it out in my mind. But work calls, and I do my duty, and let go of the issue for the time to focus on the job at hand. Then, in a quiet moment in between, I get a flash of inspiration, just what I need to re-hash the situation in the correct light. So sometimes we need to listen and not to speak, and sometimes we need to let the matter rest for the time being, especially if our reasoning is just turning us around in circles. Sooner or later a solution always comes, some just take time in getting there...

Hope this helps you some, having an Oriental wife is a great challenge, but the rewards are great too!

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