The Words of the Schell Family

Our Responsibility to True Children

Ralph Schell
November 26, 1998

Perhaps this may be a point of consideration for some that have debated this issue so hard and so long:

At one time I myself was part of a construction team working at East Garden with Il-Sung Construction Co. As I mostly worked inside the structure I rarely got to see what was going on. Once I went to see the overseer to check what else needed doing having just completed a task given to me.

There I saw one of the True Children, I'm not sure whether it was Kook Jin or his brother, and asked him what was to be done with the cat roaming around the office and at what times the animal was fed. A reply came that the cat had belonged to Heung Jin and that after the workers left they themselves saw to the cat's needs. I soon departed from the office with a new task at hand and thereafter the boy (this was in the period of 1983/1984) left as well.

Soon after I heard noises resembling a chainsaw and look up to see the youngsters carting about on their quads (four-wheel motorcycles). They often seemed to be racing along the paths we ourselves took while we were at work hauling things around. Since it was rather drizzly I noticed the pathways getting quite muddy from their incessant dirt-biking. I concluded that soon someone would be hurt as the terrain was not at all level. I finally decided to have a word with the youths, that they might have some consideration for the workers and, if possible, have them move elsewhere and continue their games there. If I could not convince them myself I had already decided that "Plan B" would entail notifying my foreman so that he could have a word with them himself. Strangely enough I noticed the foreman come out to do exactly the same thing, muttering: "Where are those damn kids...???" Somehow they must have gotten wind of it and made good their "escape" ...

A long story, but the jest of it is that in the end I, too, had a responsibility not only to myself but also to my co-workers on the site.

Being raised as the eldest of six I was many times responsible for the brothers and sisters under my care, especially their safety. I did not think them wrong to play nor judge them for whatever they did, but the location "was" badly chosen and could be a great risk to others. Someone might have slipped and fallen down, or they themselves could have wound up careening into someone walking up the same path as they were scooting around on. Father's Children - right !!! - but still children none the less. Having my own makes me understand that my instincts then were correct, and that good community values could be instilled upon even (maybe especially) these children by anyone regardless of their personal position. The problem is that too often we point the finger at others and do not understand what we ourselves must do. Or in this case, what I must do ... (and not him, or her, or them ... for that matter). I've noticed so much time goes into getting oneself on the "straight and narrow" leaves little time to whine or mope about someone else.

As for Nan-Sook Hong, there is one thing I'd like to stress. As a member of the first generation, I had to make a "clear" choice to join the Church, even suffering the abuse and ridicule and rejection of my own family and relatives. I had to make myself acquainted with a totally new way of thinking, something I was not accustomed to by upbringing or by education elsewhere. Having rejected my parents religion (and with it all the good parts as well) I had to re-invent the wheel - so to speak - in the ways of religion instead of inherting and expanding on the foundation laid down by my parents. I was not "born" into the Unification Church as the second generation now are, which puts me at an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. The advantage is that I have no illusions as to what the world has become whereas the younger generation take years to see through the falsehood of the "old world". The disadvantage is my lineage being stained by original sin.

The second generation, however, have a head start on us as they belong to Father's lineage from day one. On the other hand, they take an awfully long time to get wise to the "ways of the world" and see through them. Many only wise up to how shallow the world really is when they themselves get a job, even be it part time. Our way of life looks really dull to the children looking at it from the worldly point of view. We don't drink or smoke or do drugs, are monogamous, don't go to disco's or rock-concerts or house-parties. And many times we're fairly strict on our offspring as well. So in the end the second generation, too, must make a choice. To see for themselves how degraded society has become and dedicate themselves as well to the work of restoration. The question that remains is not whether one of us says: "I am responsible ... I'll take care of this regardless of whoever else does." but whether enough say it in order to tip the scales toward goodness. And a few good people in key positions could and usually does mean a hell of a lot of difference. And no matter how many people seem to be at fault according to this opinion or the other, we ALL lose out when this happens. So we all are responsible, no exceptions.

So in this case, again "I" must do some soul-searching as to what "I" have not done for my fellow man which could have contributed to the situation. Then "I" must rededicate myself more to "my" mission, and definitely speak out against what "I" deem to be "absolutely" wrong. Some things are no-no's wherever you go, and those things on the outside would even be considered illegal, warranting arrest and/or imprisonment.

Also I definitely take issue at people using CPL as a stick on others. My wife came back from there and I hear a lot things that I myself do not think have any bearing on myself. Steve, you may want to consider this point very carefully. As much as we hate Christians bible-bashing, so too do we hate (fundamentalist ??) Moonies who go DP-bashing brothers and sisters. And I'd even put CPL-bashing others on the same list as well. Both the Bible and DP and CPL should ONLY be used as yardsticks to measure our own spiritual development. When in this case we fulfill the contents thereof we become an example to others and automatically dispel all ignorance around us by the light of our own exemplary lifestyle. I myself have become increasingly silent as I grow older, saying as little as possible (alright, so my fingers are shooting off at the mouth here ....).

Through this I see even more clearly how Satan desperately wishes to destroy ALL Blessed families at any level, and not just my own. So the best thing we can do is pull our forces together, and know which side we're on. And ignorance is one of the greatest things stopping us from moving ahead. So let our brothers and sisters speak, let us hear their "criticisms", or are we afraid it will destroy our authority as well ?? You see, my boss is my boss, the one who can hire or fire me, so my opinion is not going to make one dent in that fact at all. But he listens to me to see a) whether we understand each other or b) he sometimes can learn from me as well. Like Moses when God got so pee----d off he nearly destroyed the Israelites. Moses advised Him it would not be so wise as to lead the people into the desert just to die there. God was so impressed by Moses' loyalty, his understanding of God's Will for His people, and his love for his nation that He let them off the hook. So, even though I may not agree with all that is said, it is a very good sign to see people openly debating these issues. It shows that there are people really concerned with not just the movement, but with society as a whole.

Thank you all very much.

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