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Father's Mission

Ralph Schell
January 17, 1999

To go back to the time of the end of the first world war leading up to the beginning of Father's own mission . . . Divine Principle states that the end of the 400 year period of preparation ends somewhere in the period from 1918-1930. 1918 as it is 400 years from the start of the Reformation, and 1930 because the previous time period of Judaic history spanned 1930 years. As we also know the three great wars came about to restore, on the world wide level, Satan's three temptations to Jesus. These were based in fact on the three great blessings to man. As the first pertained to the perfection of the individual, due to the indemnity paid in the first world war, the Messiah could be born on earth as a result and grow to (individual) perfection.

The second world war came about to restore the second temptation and thus, having ended, enabled the Messiah to embark on his public mission as well as (and more important) to be able to establish a family starting with the restoration of the True Parents. Coming on the foundation of Christianity it therefore would be logical for him to take a wife from that same background as the spiritual preparation as Bride to the Messiah (whether it be a spiritual bride or a factual one) was the most advanced among the following of this religion. Not only must the bride come from this foundation, in order that the further mission of the Messiah be expedited as quickly and safely as possible (not just to the Messiah Himself but to the world as a whole), like in the time of Jesus a John the Baptist figure must intermediate between the Messiah and the chosen people (in particular the religious leaders) in order to "go before the Lord and make straight the path of the Lord...". Thus this figure, a person of great stature within his community, would be able to lend credibility and authority to the Messiah and His mission and bring Him into contact with persons at the highest levels of government at the time. In this case, within the shortest possible time, the Messiah's mission could have gone worldwide and in no time He could have established a Heavenly nation and a Heavenly constitution with which to govern this new nation.

Furthermore we need to consider what was lost due to the Fall of Man. First of all - True Parents - as Adam and Eve did not become the Parents of mankind as intended by God. Secondly - True Children - as the offspring of Adam and Eve became the offspring of a lineage other than that of God, namely that of the fallen archangel Satan. Thirdly all creation was lost because it too, placed under the dominion of man, through the Fall came under the dominion of the archangel. Further compounding the issue was the fact that, besides inheriting the lineage of the fallen archangel, man also inherited the fallen acts, deeds, and nature of the archangel as well. Thus the original mind came to be dominated by the fallen mind, which in turn was dominated by man's physical mind and thus man's bodily desires and needs; becoming not just self-centered, but selfish and egotistical as well.

Seeing that a nation itself is comprised of clans, families and individuals we therefore must understand that, in order to establish a new nation and thus a new world, we need a new template or example of what this world is to be comprised of, both on individual as well as family and tribal levels. Therefore the Messiah comes as an example of the first, he takes Himself a wife and establishes the True Parents and the True Family as an example of the second, and based on that proceeds to engraft all mankind to the True Parents - as families - by way of the Holy Wine ceremony and the Blessing to rid them of the Satanic lineage and engraft them to the lineage of the True Parents which belongs to God, thus enabling them to create families and tribes of their own which no longer are part of the lineage of the fallen archangel.

In order to receive the Messiah all mankind must go the opposite direction of the Fall in order to lay the foundation to receive the Messiah. First God's Word was lost, thus necessitating the first step, which is the Foundation of Faith. Furthermore Adam and Eve did not become the embodiment of the Word, thus to rectify this the Foundation of Substance needed to be established. It is also referred to as the Foundation to remove the Fallen Nature. Then upon this foundation the Foundation for the Messiah was to be erected, upon which man could receive the Messiah. The Messiah could fulfill His mission as stated in the previous section. As in the time of Jesus, the person or persons charged with laying these foundations (in Jesus' time John the Baptist) all fulfilled both the Foundation of Faith as well as the Foundation of Substance, but when the time came to hand this over to the Messiah - thus establishing the Foundation to receive the Messiah - all was lost as the central figure in both cases refused to give up their position and status, and hence the foundation crumbled away leaving the Messiah to rebuild the whole foundation from scratch.

Therefore, as in the time of Jesus, the Messiah had to take the position of John the Baptist in order to restore the Foundation of Faith and Foundation of Substance which was lost by the central figure hitherto in the position of John the Baptist. With that Father's actual course was put on hold, until the time that the foundation could again be laid up to and including that which Christianity had set up prior to the coming of the Messiah. And, as a further setback, the Messiah had to leave behind the chosen people - having lost their foundation as well - and gather around Him a new chosen people. As in the time of Jesus, these were also picked up "off the street" and were far less prepared for the mission at hand as the people originally set up to serve the Messiah. For some forty odd years Father has been "wandering" through the desert until finally the lost foundation finally was rebuilt, against incredible odds. The protection and support which Father should have had from the Christian following vanished into thin air, thus leaving the Messiah at the mercy of secular world, the ruler of which ("the god of this world" - i.e. Satan) was solely bent on destroying the one person who could expose his crime and make an end to his rule. After John the Baptist had failed in his mission Jesus set out for the desert, so too Father underwent the ordeal of Hungnam prison at the price of His life. Eventually Father was successful in gaining 12 disciples, whereas Jesus had not, and did not have to forfeit His life as Jesus did on the cross. The results of which we ourselves can clearly see. Not only did Father befall terrible tragedy, even the True Family has not been adequately been safeguarded from Satan's attacks.

Only in recent years has Father again been able to do the mission for which He was sent to this earth. One which, had he been accepted as the Messiah some 40 years ago, would have been a great deal more evident and advanced than we see to date. We would not have witnessed the rise and fall of Communism as we have done, nor the rise of religious and racial prejudice, discrimination, and fanaticism. Neither would we have witnessed the destruction of our environment, nor the degradation and decline of moral and family values. Clearly the two biggest pitfalls to the (re-)creation of a new world are those mentioned above. One being the fallen lineage due to original sin, which keeps man under bondage of Satan as his children and not God's. The second, arising from the Fall itself, being man's fallen nature which only serves to cut off man from God and perpetuate sin in all its forms. Thus being cut off from our God and Parents we become not only indifferent to God but also indifferent to our fellow man as our brothers and sisters and indifferent to creation itself as we would even to our own children.

To conclude, even though human suffering and injustice abounds and the distribution of wealth and the well-being of many is nowhere near ideal, it never was and never is the sole mission of the Messiah to alleviate suffering in just an external sense. Man is deviant in his mind and his heart, isolated from his fellow man, therefore incapable of experiencing the suffering and tragedy of his fellow man as his own. If we towards our own blood brothers and sisters would hardly think of doing them harm as we would feel their pain and the pain caused to our parents as our own, how much more would we - being one with our Heavenly Parents - not experience God's pain as our own if we caused our fellow man suffering or harm ??? So you may see very little going to the actual alleviation of starvation or hunger or deprivation of the poor peoples of the world. Not because Father Himself does not care, but because all that long been in place due in the main part to Christianity has still not been able to put an end to war, suffering, pollution of the environment, and degradation of moral values so evident in this day and age. Man must be rid of the Fall and of all detrimental results thereof, thus individuals, families, tribes, nations, and a world must be re-created to further that goal. This is not just for now, but for eons to come.

All levels of human endeavor must be re-shaped according to God's Will, not our own - including our dealings with nature and the environment around us. Thus Father can not be bound to just solving problems in one discipline or corner of life on its own but must reach out to all men in all walks of life to teach them a new way of life. The sciences, the arts, economics, religion, politics, etc., etc. From the garbage collector on the street to the most powerful ruler on earth. Therefore we see Father initiating many activities and organizations to further these goals, many seeming only to scratch the surface, but setting an example of the nation and world that is to come and thus laying the conditions and foundations for these to be established not some two thousand years to come but in our lifetime or that of our children or grandchildren.

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