The Words of the Schanker Family

True Family's course -- Part 4

Phillip Schanker
January 8, 2012
Moscow, Russia
Unofficial Notes: Nikolaus Beutl

Rev. Phillip Schanker answered questions at the end of his first lecture about the True Family providence on Sunday morning, the 8th of January 2012. One of the questions was about the position Hyun Jin Nim is in now, whether Hyun Jin Nim has done something wrong because he is in the position of Adam who betrayed God and who left God. Why was he put in this position of elder son?

Rev. Schanker responded: "I can't judge if Hyun Jin Nim did something terribly wrong even though I heard rumors. I don't live in rumors. I don't pay attention to rumors. I don't give any credence to rumors. But I know that there is still a course True Family is walking. That may be because of limitations or mistakes or things that have gone wrong, I don't know, but I know that Father is still asking his family to follow a course of restoration, a course of renewal.

I think that asking Hyun Jin Nim to humble himself is really good for him. He will become better and greater and stronger through that. As the elder son he is walking a course to deal with these feelings, and there is meaning in that.

And I am really, really moved to work with In Jin Nim because she has no desire or ambition for position. She did not want this job. She came in to help at the request of her brothers. And if you listen to my other testimonies, there are many points from In Jin Nim where she was guiding me very clearly.

In my view, this is the final condition in the True Family, the final three sons, and I am grateful that this is happening while Father is alive. And I am not just being idealist or glossing over, I find over and over again True Family rise to the occasion, find their way. I have confidence in Hyun Jin Nim. I believe in him. I think he will figure it out. I don't hate him, I don't judge him, I am not against him. I know that the True Children I am working with want him to be successful. But I will say that Father Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim are super plus. Their nature is super subject, so strong – and I don't know if this is helpful."

Another member asked: "There are brothers and sisters close to us who are now following Hyun Jin Nim. Is this a bad condition for them, is it good or bad?"

And Rev. Schanker answered: "I think -- Father said, 'Hyun Jin Nim should be leading the people who are following him to Heaven but he is leading them to hell.' I heard Father say that, but I don't think Father said this with judgment. He is lamenting that they are going in the wrong direction.

But the same Principle of unconditional love applies here too. But I will tell you this. When Hyun Jin Nim was going in the wrong direction, Father called for him, publicly, in meeting after meeting to come. And when Hyun Jin Nim didn't come, Father called for his wife, Jeon Sook, Nim to come to see him personally so that he could tell her directly what he wants. And Father was asking Rev. Kwak, 'Bring Hyun Jin Nim, bring Jeon Sook Nim.' and when they didn't come Father asked Rev. Kwak, 'Please bring your sons, your family.' And when they didn't come, Father asked for all the members who are working with them, 'Bring them to me, I want to talk to them directly.' And [name of two brothers] didn't come,… those are people whom I love, my friends, nobody has come, not even once, except two people, Dr. Thomas Walsh and Taj Hamad. They came, Father talked to them directly, and they changed.

Our main responsibility is to speak the truth in love. Not judging, not accusation, not trying to defeat someone, constantly focus on what is true, the things everybody is trying to avoid, just focus on what's true.

Did leaders make mistakes? Yes. Have some people been too judgmental towards Hyun Jin Nim? Yes. But are these the main points? No."

One sister asked about Kwon Jin Nim and Rev. Schanker shared that he used to come to him and that he sat on his lap and he shared the story of the black stallion (horse) and continued:

"Kwon Jin Nim like many of the younger True Children were quite alienated from True Father as they grew up. Many of them came often up to Boston where In Jin Nim was staying, who tried to take care of them, to keep them close. Kwon Jin Nim has been distant and struggling in relationship with True Parents for several years, and Kwon Jin Nim struggled in his Blessing for a long time. He pursued an acting carrier and he did have several small roles in some films. Just to make a long story short, Father spoke to him strongly, to make efforts, and to be part of the family, to heal his marriage, and he has been making serious efforts and I see him with his wife all the time.

In Jin Nim encouraged him to get more involved and she invited him to come to the east coast and she spent a lot of time with him. This is totally Phillip Schanker, this is my view, and if I have given you the impression that I am really close to True Family or that I am the person who knows all those things. I am really not. I am trying to share with you but I am not really qualified. My observation is that Kwon Jin Nim is trying to re-engage but there is still a position of woundedness and immaturity, like some other Family members who are coming back. He wants a role, he wants to do more and he is angry that he is not given more but he doesn't really understand what it means to fulfill an important role. After my wife passed away I was called to Hawaii and I had some private time with True Parents…"

Nikolaus Beutl: Unfortunately the internet transmission was interrupted at that point again by an advertisement so that I could not hear the whole content when Rev. Schanker shared about what True Father said about having lost those who have been closest to his heart:

"And he mentioned some members of his own family and some people who have already passed away. And how much they loved him. And he said, Hyeshik -- my wife - she loved me very much. [Hyeshik Schanker passed to spirit world on October 8, 2007] And Father said, 'You love me too.' And your children love their parents. So they are suffering right now because they lost their mother. Because they don't yet understand True Parents. If they did, it would be easier for them. And he said, 'It's just like my children. Look at them. They struggled much and could not understand me at all. But you watch, one by one watch them. They are finding out who they are and finding their way."

At that point one brother asked about Kook Jin Nim's life being in danger as he stands in the second son position.

Rev. Schanker answered: "Kook Jin Nim prepared a will. He mentioned that he is ready to die. He believes that that may happen. He is already prepared for that. Kook Jin Nim, as tough a person as he is, he is very simple, he is just loyal to Father. As I mentioned yesterday, when Hyun Jin Nim was in the central role, his number one supporter was Kook Jin Nim. And the reason why he was supporting Hyun Jin Nim is not out of any personal desire but Father asked him to, he told him exactly what to do.

I hope that through this, you and I, can attend True Family with a more pure heart and mind toward them. One meaning of all the Blessed couples, 36, 72, 124, etc. is to protect the True Family. It is not your fault, and God is not the source of guilt. God does not want you to feel guilty, that never comes from God. Let's try to carry True Parents, True Family, in our heart. Let's try not to judge so shallowly as we have in the past.

And let's try by building Cheon Il Guk in our own hearts, in our marriages and coming together as a community. Let's create the best support for our True Parents. You can't control the Russian government, you can't make Russia become Cheon Il Guk but there is a part of building Cheon Il Guk that is totally in your control.

Father is clear that the conditions that you and I make in our lives is what will change Russia first. You are Father's family. Whatever you've been through or whatever you felt, when True Parents put their arms out like this and they prayed over your Blessed couple, and they said to God, we are responsible for these Blessed couples as our children, forever, and ever. There is nothing you could do that would ever make Father or Mother renounce the bond that they feel with you. And True Children feel that commitment to you and especially to your sons and daughters. I know that from personal experience with In Jin Nim, Hyung Jin Nim and Hyun Jin Nim, how they feel connected to Blessed families and to Blessed children."

To conclude the morning lecture Rev. Schanker offered a deep prayer:

"Heavenly Father, we are unable to truly understand the meaning of your unconditional Love. When Adam and Eve, when our first ancestors betrayed you, they couldn't face you after that. They ran and hid themselves because they could not imagine that you could ever forgive them because they had never experienced unconditional love and had no idea of your capacity to love. They judged themselves first, they accused themselves as being unworthy, and they were hopeless, thinking that You could never accept them again. Father told us that our conscience is closer to us than even you, Heavenly Father.

When we don't see ourselves from God's point of view we don't understand how True Parents see us, how they have lived, why they've invested and what they've been through, and from our small minds and limited hearts and narrow points of view we try to understand or to evaluate or even judge True Parents, True Children.

Through the time we've spent together I deeply pray that we can become a more true and solid and faithful body of sons and daughters, members of the extended family of True Parents, Blessed central families understand who we are. We fret and worry about so many internal things without understanding the internal responsibility.

Father, in spite of me, in spite of my limitations, you have been speaking to everyone, you had things to say which I did not even prepare, which I did not even understand, because You want to embrace the Russian family, because You want to embrace these brothers and sisters, because You want to fill every heart, inspire every Blessed member, protect every Blessed child.

Your unconditional love which we felt at the very beginning, that we found True Parents, that we received from elder brothers and sisters, is just as real and true as it ever was. And I pray that we can begin this year of 2012 with a new heart and a new determination and a new gratitude, because of the love we could experience and the truth we could understand through gathering together.

Please guide us from beginning to end as I lift up this workshop to you, in the name of every Blessed central family, representing You, I report in the name of the Schanker family, a Blessed central family. Aju!" 

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