The Words of the Schanker Family

True Family's course -- Part 3

Phillip Schanker
January 8, 2012
Moscow, Russia
Unofficial Notes: Nikolaus Beutl

"When I worked with Hyun Jin Nim I know that he was struggling with Father so much. 'Father, why do you keep making these faithful church members into directors of businesses and then they make the business bankrupt? And they do terrible things in the process. Father would say, even if they run the business into the ground, if they are faithful God will raise up a greater business.

You know Hyun Jin Nim created Service for Peace and he created an event for thousands of people in Washington. He reported to Father and Father said, 'Now read the Messages from spirit world to everyone in that meeting, testifying to True Parents. Hyun Jin Nim said, Father I can't. They are 16 years old kids. It's against the law. It's a government thing, we are partnering with the government. I can't do that. Then Father said, 'Who is the king service for peace? Is Service for Peace yours or is it mine?

So one time after Hyun Jin Nim's tour in Mongolia, Hyun Jin Nim came back and Father sat with the leaders at East Garden, and asked Hyun Jin Nim to share his victory. And after Jin Man Kwak gave the report, Hyun Jin Nim stood up and Hyun Jin Nim spoke about the new paradigm for leadership, the new paradigm for our church and all the mistakes we made in the past. And even though he was trying to inspire Father about the ways to change the church it was clear that Father felt judged by the mistakes of the past and Father became upset.

Once, three of us had lunch with Hyun Jin Nim in Barrytown. It was a private meeting. I was there and he said, 'You know what makes this so difficult is, I only want Father to be victorious. I am doing this all to make him great but he doesn't understand what I am trying to do. Also I think, for Hyun Jin Nim it is very difficult to unite the True Family. I have never said it like this and I do not mean it critically, but he is not a team player, he is a one man show. In other words, he doesn't really make a team and delegate responsibilities to his brothers and sisters.

In 2006 Father made a public announcement about Hyun Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim. Hyun Jin Nim should be responsible for business in the West, Kook Jin Nim for business in the East, and Hyung Jin Nim for religion. Do you remember that? I will tell you that Hyun Jin Nim felt very uncomfortable and everyone around him struggled because he felt himself responsible for everything.

Brothers and sisters, I was on his team. I would be on his team tomorrow. I didn't take sides, I actually wanted, hoped, that Hyun Jin Nim could inherit because I preferred his approach to Father's. And then Father began to raise Hyung Jin Nim up, first by making him a pastor of a local Unification Church, and then pastor of the Mapo district church, then the Seoul Headquarters Church, then president of the Korean Church, and then the international president of the international Family Federation.

Who did that? Did True Mother do that? Did Kook Jin Nim do that? True Father did that. I was in Korea in 2007 when Hyung Jin Nim was responsible for the Mapo church, and saw that Kook Jin Nm would come to the church and testify to his brother and then Hyung Jin Nim would get up and testify to his brother; so beautiful.

The reason they asked Father to bring In Jin Nim into the church in America is because she has a close relationship with Hyun Jin Nim and they were hoping that she could help him harmonize with the way things were going.

As I mentioned yesterday, In Jin Nim told us, 'All of us in the True Family everybody knows why True Father chose lovey. Because he is the least hurt, the least wounded, and the least scarred.' How did Hyun Jin Nim hear about his younger brother becoming president of the church? Did Father let him know? Did his siblings report to him? He was in South America doing GPF when he saw a memo. And Hyun Jin Nim felt just like Esau had felt. While I was out preparing an offering to bring to my Father, my younger brother and my Mother has conspired to take my Blessing.

Everybody knows Hyun Jin Nim's tremendous potential. Everybody knows around him, that if he has a weak point it is being overly confident in himself? Father is not demoting Hyun Jin Nim but promoting him to a providential path that will lead him to rise greater if he can follow this path. We are sure of that. Father had Hyun Jin Nim responsible for UPF and GPF, the external providence and Hyung Jin Nim responsible for the FFWPU and Unification Church, the internal providence. Nobody here wanted to stop this. We loved this, we thought it was great what he was doing."

Pointing to the whiteboard, Rev. Schanker explained that he has been with the Unification Church, "But when In Jin Nim came into responsibility, she took me out of the position of vice president, she took me out my job as education director, and also I was taken off the church board.

Therefore, nothing that I am saying is because I was on one side or another. In fact Hyun Jin Nim wanted to put me back on the board and restore my role. All those who love and support Hyun Jin Nim right now are talking about all kinds of issues but avoid the main issue constantly. The main issue is number one: Father raised Mother to victory, proclaimed it in front of all of us, and fully trusts her to represent True Parents. Second main issue is that Father raised Hyung Jin Nim in front of all of us and gave a coronation to represent True Parents' authority not once, but three times for Heaven's sakes…"

Nikolaus Beutl: My dear brothers and sisters, I was watching this lecture via the internet while the broadcast was interrupted through advertisements. Therefore I missed a few short parts of the lecture like at this point where Rev. Phillip Schanker mentioned that he had told that story in St. Petersburg. "It's all recorded so I will not tell the detailed story…

It is only when Hyun Jin Nim willfully disobeyed and tried to push out In Jin Nim and tried to take over the American Church that Father told him to stop. Father had said: 'No more meeting, no more votes, no more changes. All True Children come back to Korea. We will sit down together as a family and work this out. When I saw that this board meeting was going to happen I called to Korea to Dr. Yang, standing next to Father. He said why are they doing this? Father wants everybody to come to Korea. When Father learned what had happened, he told Hyun Jin Nim to stop his public work for one year, hold Father's hands, stay by Father's side for one year. And Father said, 'Three sons must unite, or I can't go to spirit world.'

Neil Bush (left) and Thomas Walsh (right)

So when people tell me that Father is senile, or is not in control, or can't manage things, that means nothing to me. It doesn't matter. Father is getting old. Sometimes he is the sharpest that I have ever seen him, now. And at other times he keeps talking to Dr. Thomas Walsh thinking that he is George Bush's brother, Neil Bush. He is an old man. Sorry. That's going to happen. But he already made the process clear, centered on Mother and centered on Hyung Jin Nim. When somebody is telling me that Mother is manipulating, and she's the one who is blocking Hyun Jin Nim from Father -- Father made Mother's role very clear. And Hyun Jin Nim, I am not his judge, but he has to follow the same Principle that you and I do.

When I hear that people don't let Hyun Jin Nim come to Father, that is not true. I've been there when Father came to see him, he ran away. Why do you think that Father comes to Las Vegas again and again? He flew to New York, to see his new great grandson and meet Hyun Jin Nim but he left while Father was in the airplane bound for New York. The point is that Hyun Jin Nim wants to meet Father alone. So I've heard. And Father is willing to meet him with Mother, just the two. Father wants him to meet with his Parents. Actually, Mother is the one and In Jin Nim, they are trying to protect Hyun Jin Nim. 'Don't say too hard things, don't be too difficult, put it on Rev. Kwak.' Those kinds of things. 'Emphasize other's responsibility to protect Hyun Jin Nim.' That is Mother's attitude. Father's attitude is different. We have to stop him to make bad conditions before he can't come back. Better put him in jail, better use legal means, if we can't stop him from making bad conditions.

If you put this content together with what I shared in St. Petersburg it's a more full story. But this is not two sides of True Family fighting. There aren't two sides. There is a group of True Children who are attending True Father, who work as a team. And a group of others who are still struggling, distant, or alienated, and one by one you see them coming to be part of the team. And then there is one son who cannot accept what his Father is asking him to do. It's simple. This is between Hyun Jin Nim and True Father, that's it. We can't judge it.

And even Father has said we can't be directly involved and try to make things different. And ours is not to hate, to judge or to accuse. That's not the mind of the True Children. That's not. But all those who love and support Hyun Jin Nim are avoiding these main issues, talking about bad leaders, and judgment, and people being unfair, who are trying to make Hyun Jin Nim a criminal. That's not what is happening. OK?

Let's take a few questions about this situation. When I come back we will talk about Young Jin Nim's passing." 

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