The Words of the Schanker Family

True Family's course -- Part 2

Phillip Schanker
January 8, 2012
Moscow, Russia
Unofficial Notes: Nikolaus Beutl

After Rev. Schanker pointed out that the respective six children born in Korea and America are a mirror image to each other he concluded: "You can now understand why Father identified Young Jin Nim's passing as a second son sacrifice, the second son born in America.

And you can understand the meaning of Hyung Jin Nim, who just used to goof around – his own testimony -- he was just a goof-around fun guy but he loved his older brother with all of his heart. And Young Jin Nim's passing deeply wounded Hyung Jin Nim and he was disconsolate, unable to be comforted for months. And he felt that he had to inherit his brother's commitment to religion.

In his own testimony, he went to his own Father and said, 'I want to be a Buddhist.' He didn't say, 'I want to be a Unificationist and study Buddhism' but 'I want to be a Buddhist.' And he expected Father to be angry: 'What do you mean? You are my son. You have to do this, this, this.' But he said that Father embraced him completely, and encouraged him, and gave him good ideas on how to do it. And he said, I love True Parents because their unconditional love saved my life in my most difficult time.

So in the course of True Family we have this providence of the first and second son. We saw that with Sung Jin Nim and Hee Jin Nim. Sung Jin Nim who struggled and became distant and Hee Jin Nim who was faithful and became a sacrifice. And Hyo Jin Nim who was then in the position of the third son and the first son of True Mother was meant to get victory to inherit everything from True Father. But he struggled in Korea, his nature is so strong, his parents had gone away…

Especially the elder children felt a lot of bitterness towards elder leaders who always occupied Father's time and whose motivation was often not right. And True Children could feel that and they were righteous and sensitive, but children and adolescents are not yet mature and they can see things from a very immature point of view and be very angry, hurt, critical, hate. As Hyo Jin Nim struggled more and more Father brought his whole Family to America in 1973…

Ye Jin Nim, also went through the course of being the oldest, struggling with Father as I explained to you last night. I spent two hours listening to Ye Jin Nim's tearful testimony, what she went through in life… But Ye Jin Nim has been embraced by True Parents, is in communication with In Jin Nim, comes to hear the sermons and feels inspired that women are being raised in the True Family.

I have no desire to gloss over anything but time is limited. I am sorry that we do not have enough time to tell you more details. The second daughter also became a sacrifice and the third daughter inherited that – even her name represents two people becoming one and True Parents told her that they longed for another daughter after they lost Hye Jin Nim.

And then in Father's own family to raise a victorious son went from Hyo Jin Nim who struggled and became distant and fell short, Heung Jin Nim who was pure and faithful and loved True Father and loved the members, but became a sacrifice. And Hyun Jin Nim who inherited the position of eldest in inheriting Father's responsibility.

You all know the story of Heung Jin Nim, don't you? He had an obsession of dying for Father and pushing everybody. I heard that, saw that myself. I was Ye Jin Nim's assistant in the first workshop for Blessed children in America in 1980. The three oldest girls and Heung Jin Nim participated, and Hyo Jin Nim stayed outside and made trouble for the whole time.

True Parents asked True Children to stay in East Garden but Heung Jin Nim snuck out every night and came to the Second Gen and stayed with them all night, every night. After every lecture -- when they would go for lunch – every time he would take a different Blessed child, put his arm around him and just hang on him, you know, to make friends. And he just bonded with one after another after another, thinking about everyone… He was always trying to give to other people.

You know the heroic way he gave his life which didn't come from us, that was the real trooper who… He gave his life. You know he had the accident at the very moment Father was at the stage in Korea, facing death himself. But what you may not know that in all of his wildness Father loved Hyo Jin Nim very much. And he would always say, even when I screw up, Father has 'Heungi' who loves him. Hyo Jin Nim was in Korea when Heung Jin Nim passed away. And it ripped him to pieces, he was so upset. He came back and went to Father to try to comfort Father."

Rev. Phillip Schanker continued with a tearful voice:

"The first thing Father said to him was: Heung Jin Nim died because of you.' Maybe hard to understand how Father can say such a harsh and painful thing. But Hyo Jin Nim's determination to recommit began from that moment. And although overcoming his additions and changing his life took a long time, he never after that time ever betrayed Father. And slowly but surely Father raised him up again, he was blessed again, he had several children, and was rebuilding his life with his whole heart.

But before that Father raised him to become president of CARP, he went to the Berlin Wall, he became responsible for the Manhattan Center and for culture. But in the middle of all that, what did Father do? He promoted Hyo Jin Nim by taking everything away from him. He took Hyo Jin Nim's presidency of CARP and gave it to who? To Hyun Jin Nim. He pushed Hyo Jin Nim down, and he asked him to be humble and unite with his younger brother. And of course Hyo Jin Nim said, 'Sure Father.' Is this what he said? He struggled mightily. He beat Hyun Jin Nim up physically. He shouted out against Father. And he wrestled with it and - without going into all the details – he completely put himself in the position of humility toward his younger brother.

All of these are the course that Father is asking his own family to walk in front of all of history, restoring all of history. You cannot restore the elder son unless you feel what he has felt. You have no idea the internal course that True Family is walking. Hyo Jin Nim was the most foul-mouthed, loud, difficult and scary person in his early days. But in his late last days he became quiet, humble, sincere. He was a very different person.

Once Father called Hyo Jin Nim to Hawaii. And they travelled back alone on the jet. Just Father, Hyo Jin Nim and Rev. Yu. And Rev. Yu told me this story. At one point during this flight Father called Hyo Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim got out of his chair and got on his knees in front of Father. I wanted to raise you to be the greatest son in the world. I am so sorry that I could not do enough for you. Hyo Jin Nim just wept and wept and wept for hours. There are so many stories of Hyo Jin Nim's filial heart. His name means filial piety. I have so many stories that I don't have time to tell you.

Before Hyo Jin Nim passed he knew very well that he was leaving soon… Father sat down with our elders and gave detailed instructions about every single aspect of how to properly send Hyo Jin Nim to spirit world, and what he deserved…

After the Seunghwa ceremony Rev. Yu and Dr. Yang travelled to Hawaii - Dr. Yang I worked closely with – where they met Father who was sitting in a chair in the living room in front of a TV. The TV wasn't on. Father didn't say a word and Father didn't move. He even didn't know they were there. Father didn't move from that chair for three days. They asked him, Father, maybe you want to go to sleep. Father came out like from a dream: 'Oh, what time is it?' 'One o' clock in the morning, Father.' Father got up and went to the bedroom. Ten minutes later he was back in the chair. Rev. Yu asked him, 'Why won't you sleep, Father?' Father answered: 'I can't stop thinking about Hyo Jin Nim – all that I could not do for him.' Father will never admit publicly, but these few weeks after Hyo Jin Nim's passing everybody worried about him. And they brought Father to Las Vegas, to the Hoover dam, and in some ways the providence began from there.

Hyo Jin Nim ascended on March 17, 2008. Exactly three weeks later, Father held a ceremony at Parents' Day in Hawaii. April 4, 2008. I was there. And Father changed Hyun Jin Nim's position and said, he stands in the Cain position. We all saw it, we all heard it. It was a very interesting strange morning Father asked True Mother to MC the program. And after the celebration of the holiday Father began to speak: 'Before I go to the spirit world I have to finish clearing everything up in my family and set everything right.'

It was so unusual. I thought that Father would go to spirit world right there. I thought he was preparing to leave. And Father said my mission is to be inherited by my children. Not one of the True Children is better than the others and the 12 must work together. The center of True Family will be True Mother. Father had already held several ceremonies to proclaim that Mother had gotten total victory and was equal to True Father and represented True Parents when he was going to leave.

Then Father put Mother in front of him, and Kook Jin Nim on his right, holding Mother's hand and Hyun Jin Nim on his left, holding Mother's hand. [Rev. Schanker showed a photo of that situation]. And Father said that Hyun Jin Nim is in the position of Cain. So when people say there can be no Cain and Abel in True Family because everything is restored and in perfection, but obviously there is still some work being done. Father used these words.

Father said that in the spirit world Hyo Jin Nim is in the position of Cain and these two brothers are aligned in spirit world and on earth. Father said, Kook Jin Nim is in the Abel position, aligned with Heung Jin Nim in the spirit world.

Now, why did Father do that? Was it simply because Hyun Jin Nim was now the eldest True Son on earth? Was it because of some restorational necessity? When Hyun Jin Nim stood up in 1998, I wept on that day. I was so grateful that a True Son said, I will put my life, my goals, my plans aside and I will inherit True Parents' mission. I am eternally grateful for it. Hyun Jin Nim promised Father that he would educate the Second Generation, and that he will unite True Family and inherit the mission of True Parents. No one can deny the incredible job that he has done.

And I could follow him tomorrow. And I have no doubt that his motivation is anything else than that he is the one who can fix the movement and solve the problem and that he is the one that God wants to do that mission. That's what is driving him. He doesn't feel good that we are re-emphasizing the church. He thinks that being a religion is a mistake.

Hyun Jin Nim would be very unhappy that I am saying that Hyun Jin Nim thinks this and that, he doesn't want anyone to tell you what he is thinking. No one has a right. So please understand that my heart is not to criticize, to judge, but to try to help us understand what is happening." 

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