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Parents Matching Convocation in Chicago: August 13th -- 15th, 2010

Phillip Schanker
August 10, 2010

To: District Directors, State and Church Leaders, Blessed Central Families
From: National Blessed Family Department
Re: Parents Matching Convocation in Chicago: August 13 -- 15, 2010 Displaying Candidate profiles
Date: August 10, 2010

Parents may attend the PMC August 13-15 for educational and preparation purposes, without displaying a candidate. Candidates can also be displayed at the PMC even if parents are not participating. However, parents should be aware of and respect the following:

I. Profiles from 2009 or Earlier

If you submitted a profile for the PMC in 2009 or earlier, you must contact us. We strongly recommend profiles be updated and improved, with the candidate's permission and participation. We will not display any profiles from 2009 or earlier unless we have heard from the candidate that they wish to be displayed.

II. Candidates Must Want to be Displayed at the PMC

Candidates can only be displayed with their permission. No parent should display a candidate or pursue a match without the candidate's agreement.

For additional information visit the registration site at, by clicking on the pink PMC registration banner at the right, below the login area, groups and summer camps. We look forward to seeing parents in Chicago, and to support candidates in the process of matching and Blessing. May God be with you and your family.


Rev. Phillip Schanker
National Blessed Family Department 

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