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Phillip Schanker
June 22, 2010

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MEMO: BFD 2010-06-22

To: District Directors, State and Church Leaders, Blessed Central Families
From: National Blessed Family Department
Date: June 22, 2010

When our National President and Senior Pastor, Rev. In Jin Moon, appointed Mrs. Hiromi Stephens to the Blessed Family Department in 2009, she specifically asked Hiromi to focus upon the unique challenges facing International and Intercultural Blessed Families in the USA, and Japanese or Japanese-Western couples in particular. With In Jin Nim's guidance and encouragement, Mrs. Stephens is developing educational and support programs for these parents and families, and is working through district and local BFDs and churches to implement them nationwide. We would like to introduce you to this ministry, and announce the upcoming visit of a distinguished Japanese Blessed elder, who is a Marriage and Family Counselor working with the BFD in Japan and Korea.

I. Japanese Family Circle

In response to In Jin Nim's love and concern for our Japanese members, Mrs. Stephens established the Japanese Family Circle, a 9-session small group series focusing on positive parenting, healthy family relationships, and creating the environment for children's spiritual and heartistic development. Established in September, 2009 at the Lovin' Life Learning Center in New York City, the program has spread to eight districts, with some 120 participants at or near completion of the 9-week program. Inspired by the clear guidance for parents, children and families presented in our National Pastor's weekly sermons, the program materials are drawn from True Parents' guidance, the Japanese BFD and other professional and educational resources. For further information or to establish a Japanese Family Circle in your community, contact your district BFD, or Mrs. Stephens.

II. U.S. Tour Of Mr. Yuji Otomo: July 22 - Aug. 9, 2010: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago

Mr. Yuji Otomo, a clinical psychologist and lecturer at Komozawa Women's University, is a counselor and teacher for the Blessed Family Department in Japan. He runs a school for Blessed Children in Japan, and also works at the International Family Center for the Blessed Family Department in Korea. Many of the materials used for the Japanese Family Circle were developed by Mr. Otomo. He has produced a series of videos on parenting and child development at each age, as well as "Pastoral Counseling in the Completed Testament Age," and more. Some of these materials are being translated into Korean and English as well. He has also specialized in counseling survivors of kidnapping and deprogramming in Japan.

Mr. Otomo will visit the USA at the invitation of our National President and the Blessed Family Department. He will be in Los Angeles from July 22-26, New York from July 28-August 4, and Chicago from August 5-8. In each of these cities, where the largest numbers of our Japanese members reside, Mr. Otomo will present brief seminars, meet with BFD and Kodan representatives, and offer personal counseling for Japanese members and couples. He will give a National Seminar on July 31-August 1 at the Lovin' Life Learning Center in New York (4 W. 43rd St.), and will present for Japanese participants at the Parents Matching Convocation in Chicago August 5-7. A detailed schedule of his tour will follow soon.

To schedule counseling, members should contact their District BFD Representatives or Kodan leaders to receive an application form. Japanese members and their spouses will be given priority. Others seeking personal counseling or guidance should contact their BFD, or the National BFD Counseling Department through Mrs. Debby Gullery. Those scheduled to meet Mr. Otomo will be asked to read his guidance on pastoral counseling prior to their 90-minute session, and pay a small fee. This material will be available in Japanese, Korean and English through your district BFD.

Further details regarding the National Seminar July 31-August 1, and local schedules in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey and Chicago, as well as registration information and fees will follow. English translation will be provided during each program, for spouses or others interested to learn. Mr. Otomo will also meet with our pastoral counselors and BFD representatives, to discuss and develop our professional and pastoral counseling.

We are deeply moved and grateful for Pastor In Jin Moon's great love and concern for our Japanese community, both here in America and in Japan itself. Mrs. Stephens has taken In Jin Nim's concern to her heart, and has invested herself wholeheartedly in developing strong ministry and support system for our Japanese members and international families. We encourage our members, pastors and communities to take advantage of this exciting tour of Mr. Otomo, the Japanese Family Circle ministry, and the expanding work of the Blessed Family Department.

For further information, contact your local or district BFD, or Mrs. Hiromi Stephens.


Rev. Phillip Schanker
National Blessed Family Department 

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