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Conditions of Sincerity (Cheong Seong) for Blessed Children Receiving the Blessing

Phillip Schanker
February 5, 2010

MEMO: BFD 2010-02-05

To: Second Generation Participating in the Blessing and Their Families
From: Blessed Family Department
Re: Conditions of Sincerity (Cheong Seong) for Blessed Children Receiving the Blessing
Date: February 5, 2010

While the path of Blessing for Blessed Children does not require conditions of indemnity, True Parents are deeply concerned that our Second Generation take the Blessing seriously, and be able to grasp its historical value. Therefore, in order to educate Blessed Children about the preciousness of the Blessing and the conditions established by Heaven throughout history and True Parents in our age to give the Blessing, Father has asked Blessed Children to invest in offerings of sincerity to appreciate and receive the Blessing.

I. Candidates for True Parents' Matching and Blessing

In addition to meeting the Cheon Il Guk standard of purity, absolute faith in True Parents' match, etc., candidates for True Parents' matching should complete a seven-day fast prior to the Blessing. After the Blessing, a preparation period (not merely separation) of a minimum of 40 days before starting family life, and a period of public dedication should also be accomplished. This public condition can be achieved by serving the church, or other creative means.

II. All Second Generation Participants

The Seven-day fast is encouraged as an offering for all Blessed Children participating in the Blessing, again to educate our children to value the Blessing more than for a restorational purpose. This condition can also be a meaningful opportunity, however, for any candidate to leave their personal past behind. Any period of preparation or relationship development prior to beginning conjugal life is for the couple to decide with the support of their parents. However, we strongly recommend a clear and public engagement ceremony once the couple has clearly decided their commitment, building a trusting and supportive internal relationship before developing physical intimacy, and a simple, creative ceremony offering the couple's "first night" and making it holy and meaningful.

III. The Seven-Day Fast

Due to the short time remaining prior to the February Matching and Blessing, candidates may wish to complete a three or four-day fast prior to the Blessing, and the remainder afterward. If school, work or health reasons make a full seven-day fast problematic, a 21-day breakfast fast is an acceptable alternative, but should be completed prior to beginning family life.


Rev. Phillip Schanker
Blessed Family Department 

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