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Urgent Instructions and Important Updates

Phillip Schanker
February 4, 2010

MEMO: BFD 2010-02-04

To: All Candidates for True Parents' Matching, Couples Participating in the February 17th Blessing in Korea and Their Families
From: Blessed Family Department
Re: Urgent Instructions and Important Updates
Date: February 4, 2010


The important instructions below are for all Blessed Children intending to participate in True Parents' matching in Korea February 14-16, and all First and Second Generation couples and Blessed Families planning to join the main ceremony in Korea February 17th, as well as their families or supporters. Please read them carefully and respond as soon as possible.

I. Report Your Participation to Your District and National BFD

A number of matching candidates and matched couples have not clearly reported their intention to participate. Failure to do so by Sunday, February 7th will cause serious problems for our ability to support you and report to True Parents, and may create obstacles to your participation.

Matching Candidates:
Please once again confirm your intention to participate by Email.

Blessing Participants:
Please once again confirm your intention to participate by Email.

II. Report Your Flight Information Immediately

Without your arrival and departure information, it will be impossible for Korea to guarantee your transportation from Inchon International Airport to your lodging location.

III. Complete Your Application Process by February 9th

The application process must be completed and submitted to the National BFD no later than Tuesday, February 9th at midnight. In order to meet this short deadline, applicants should print out, fill out, scan and Email documents the National BFD; bring the originals to Korea. See memo BFD 2010-01-28 for the detailed application and fee payment process. Documents are attached to that memo, available from your district BFD, or can be downloaded by clicking the Blessing banner on the front page of the members' area at

Photos should be sent electronically (high-quality digital) or physically only, not faxed. Submit one copy of ALL documents, and bring an additional copy with you to Korea. The Blessing fee must be received at the national BFD by February 10, 2010, in order for you to participate in the Blessing.

IV. Updates and Information

A. What to Prepare

Blessing Attire: Brides: wedding dress; Grooms: Dark suit, white shirt, red tie Blessing Rings- official rings, 14K gold with a diamond embedded will be available for purchase at the accommodations for approximately $275 for men, $240 for women. Be sure to bring FM radio for simultaneous translation

NOTE: The $600 ceremony participation fee for 1st and 2nd generation couples being Blessed described in international memo 20100201 are covered by participants' Blessing fees. Candidates and couples paying they Blessing fees are not required to offer any additional amount. U.S. HQ will be responsible for payment in Korea.

B. Ceremony & Schedule -- see international memo 20100201 for details

C. Accommodations -- see international memo 20100201 for details Matching candidates and First and Second Generation matched couples will stay at Cheonga Camp. Previously married couples and Blessed Central Families will stay at the Guri Training Center. Address, telephone and web address are included in the international memo.

D. Transportation -- see attached international memo 20100202

V. Read the International Memos -- All details regarding arrivals, ground transportation, and a schedule overview are included in the attached international memos.

VI. District BFD Contact Information

All those intending to participate in Korea, including matching candidates, matched couples, previously married couples, Blessed Central Families and guests, should communicate your participation and send required materials the National BFD, and CC to your district BFD. District contact info is below:

Dist. 1: Doug & Cheryl Wetzstein
Dist. 2: Chen Lawrence Fong
Dist. 3: Masako Feddema
Dist. 4: Marjorie Buessing
Dist. 5: Tomio Miyazaki
Dist. 6: Chris & Mihoko Rood
Dist. 7: Fumiye Ikeda
Dist. 8: Rosemary Yokoi
Dist. 9: Alice Fleisher
Dist. 10: Richard & Hiroko Stumpf
Dist. 11: Poppy Richie
Dist. 12: Peter & Klara Chen
Canada: Lily Tadin

Yours sincerely,

Rev. Phillip Schanker
Blessed Family Department 

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