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Standards for True Parents' Matching and the Amnesty

Phillip Schanker
December 2, 2008

Dear District Directors,

The qualifications for candidates who wish to be matched and Blessed by True Parents in the special ceremony to be held February 1, 2009 in connection with True Father's 90th birthday are listed below. These were explained in the FFWPU-USA national memo November 25th, based upon the memo from FFWPU International from November 11th.

Please understand and make clear to all church, BFD and 2nd Generation ministry leaders that the standard of purity for these candidates for True Parents matching and Blessing are absolute; candidates should have maintained these standards, reflecting Adam and Eve's original standard of purity before the fall, both before, after and regardless of any special conditions of grace, forgiveness or amnesty. Having been absolved of accountability for our past mistakes through the grace of God and True Parents is not the same as having maintained the original standard. Those who have exceeded the standards outlined below, even if liberated from accusation through the special grace of the amnesty ceremony, should not participate in True Parents' matching.

True Father made clear that those who have been restored to the original standard through the grace of God and True Parents (through amnesty) are fully justified in walking the path of original second generation, being Blessed with second generation, etc. At the same time, this "Cheon Il Guk" matching and Blessing is intended to reflect the original standard of purity as God intended for Adam and Eve, according to the original Principle of Creation, and is intended for those who have maintained that standard.

Please make it clear that while the Amnesty has absolved us from any accusation for our past, and restored us to the original standard, it is not quite the same as having kept that standard as God intended. Let us be grateful for God's grace, but also respect True Parents' desire to establish the original standard absolutely. Even though someone may desire to be matched by True Parents, they should not assume that participation in the amnesty qualifies them for this original course in spite of any past.

If there are additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact Rev. Inguk Seo, Director of the BC Blessing Department. You can also contact Jim or Hiromi Stephens of the National BFD, or my office.

Love and prayer,
Rev. Phillip Schanker

1. Qualifications for Second Generation Matching and Blessing Candidates Single Second Generation members between the ages 17 - 24 who have maintained their purity, meeting the following qualifications to be a candidate for the Cheon Il Guk Blessing

1) Purity: Those who have maintained purity of lineage, and have had no exclusive romantic relationship (girlfriend/boyfriend) or experience of kissing, dating or beyond.

2) Absolute Faith: To accept True Parents' match without question and not break it.

3) International Blessing: Willingness to receive international, interracial or intercultural Blessing to create one global family

4) Public Commitment: Resolved to live for the sake of others through public activities for at least three years

5) First Time Blessing: Those who have never been previously blessed. (Those who broke TP's matching are NOT eligible to apply for TP's matching again)

6) Good Health: Those who have no special physical or psychological problems. 

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