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Blessing Workshop for Jacob Children

Phillip Schanker, Jim and Hiromi Stephens
November 17, 2008

MEMORANDUM Memo NHQ BFD 2008-11-17

TO: District Directors, All FFWPU Leaders, BFD Representatives, and All Blessed Central Families
FROM: Rev. Phillip Schanker, VP-Education, Jim and Hiromi Stephens, Co-Directors, BFD
DATE: November 14, 2008
RE: Official Announcement of Matching and Blessing Workshop for all Jacob Children and Their Parents, January 9-11, 2009, Los Angeles

We pray for God and True Parents' blessing and love to be with America and all nations as we create the sacred reign of peace in Cheon Il Guk, the realm of cosmic peace.

This memo is to announce a Matching/Blessing Preparation Workshop for “Jacob Children” (1st Generation youth raised in our faith tradition through the membership of their parents). It will be held on the weekend of January 9 to 11, 2009, in Los Angeles. We plan to use the FFWPU’s Pasadena House, but a different LA-area location may be used if there are larger numbers.

We especially want to encourage all interested Jacob Children age 16 and above from across America to attend this workshop in preparation for future matching and Blessing. We will be presenting all the information regarding this very important topic and answering all questions.

Parents should also consider attending as much as possible in order to renew their understanding of the meaning and value of the Blessing and Change of Blood Lineage process. Parents will play a major role along with True Parents representatives in the matching process. This will be a good opportunity to meet other families, share testimonies, and network. Visit the following BFD webpage for further details:

This is an advanced workshop for matching and Blessing preparation. It is not a Divine Principle workshop. All participants should ideally have completed the study of Divine Principle content through 2, 7, and 21-days material.

Please coordinate with your District Blessing Coordinators.

With greatest wishes for your success and happiness,

Rev. Phillip Schanker
Vice-President for Education

Jim and Hiromi Stephens
FFWPU-USA Blessed Family Department

ANNOUNCEMENT FOR SUNDAY CHURCH BULLETINS: A Matching/Blessing Preparation Workshop for all Jacob Children and their parents will be held January 9-11 at Pasadena House in Los Angeles. Mark your calendars and make your plans. For more info: 

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