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DP Lecturers Training for Young Adults

Phillip Schanker
July 24, 2008

Memo E 2008-07-24


To: District, State, Church and Department Directors, Young Adult Ministries
From: Education Department
Date: July 24, 2008
RE: Learn to Teach the Divine Principle Workshop for Young Adults, August 17-24, 2008

The FFWPU- USA National Education Department will conduct a special workshop for young adults who would like to learn to teach the Divine Principle effectively. Co-sponsored by the Steering Committee for our National Witnessing Initiative, the program will be held at the Morning Garden retreat facility in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The program will begin on Sunday, August 17 and end on Sunday, August 24. The training will be led by Rev. Phillip Schanker and Mrs. Heather Thalheimer. In many ways its success depends on the support of each FFWPU district, state, church and community. Please read and consider the following, especially the ways you can support the education and development of our young people. If you don't have time to read the purpose and content of the program, just read the last section. A simple 1-page memo, flyer and application form for young adults are attached for distribution.


To succeed in FFWPU’s nationwide effort to strengthen our community and grow our movement, we must be ready to provide transformational educational programs that include the Divine Principle. Our target audience for the national witnessing initiative is young adults (18-35 yrs).It is essential that our next generation emerge as leaders within the Unification Movement to ensure sustainability and growth. This program will help identify and train these young leaders.

While most of our young people have heard Chapters 1 and 2 of the Principle numerous times, applying these principles in daily life remains a great challenge. And few have had the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire DP. The best way to learn it is not by hearing it taught, but by sharing it with others. This program will begin that process for participants.


This train the trainer workshop will begin the process of raising a cadre of young adults (18-35 yrs) who can effectively teach the Divine Principle in ways that can engage our target audience. It will support participants to become effective presenters and will include sessions on how to prepare for, structure and deliver presentations. Participants will create their own outlines, allowing them to understand how the Divine Principle is structured and the heart and logic that flows through it.

Participants will also learn about how adults learn, and successful teaching strategies to reach our target audience. We will demonstrate how to make Divine Principle presentations interactive and spend time as a group developing activities and discussion questions that can support learning. The training will include testimonies from seasoned educators to motivate the hearts of our participants to become someone whom God can speak and work through.


Following the training Rev. Schanker, Mrs. Thalheimer and other experienced educators will provide ongoing support to the participants. Train the trainer programs can only be effective if they are implemented once participants return home. To meet this challenge we will work with the participants to find an in-district mentor to support them, and will also maintain regular contact and provide ongoing projects that will support their success as educators. The group will be engaged to develop a guidebook to support DP workshops nationwide, including recommended discussion questions, guidelines for holding effective discussion groups, etc. In this way participants will develop confidence as educators and gain ownership of the content of the Divine Principle, as well as the heart to share this precious truth.


The cost for the program, including accommodations and meals is $360. per person. Transportation will be available to / from the workshop site and Boston Logan Airport, and (and Manchester, NH Airport if needed). Registration forms are attached. For further information, or to submit applications, contact Heather Thalheimer.


1. Distribute the attached general memo, flyer and application right away. Include it in all Sunday Bulletins in your area; send it to young adult ministries and mailing lists.

2. Churches or Young Adult ministries can identify a candidate who will benefit the most from this program, who can in turn contribute to your ministry as a result. Consider providing a full or partial scholarship to at least one motivated young adult.

3. As a Blessed member or family, contribute to the cost of one participant’s travel and/or participation perhaps your own son or daughter!

We look forward to working with you, and with the young participants in this program, to build a bright and hopeful future for our movement, and for our nation.

With gratitude,

Rev. Phillip Schanker
VP for Education

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