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Winter Retreat for Second Generation Blessed Couples

Phillip Schanker
November 29, 2007

Memo E 2007-11-29


To: Second Generation Blessed Couples, District, State, Church and Department Directors- PLEASE DISTRIBUTE
From: Education Department
Date: November 29, 2007
RE: Winter Retreat for Second Generation Blessed Couples

For Second Generation Blessed Couples interested in a fun and meaningful way to spend the holidays, we are pleased to announce an exciting, educational, and romantic retreat for couples who have begun married life.

We will spend four days and nights at the 28-acre Minnowbrook Retreat and Conference Center, nestled in the woods on Blue Mountain Lake in New York's Adirondack Mountains. This recently built, completely modern lodge is operated year-round by Syracuse University, has great food, a warm fireplace, cozy rooms for couples and plenty of on-site activities. Check out the beautiful facility, sleeping rooms, food and amenities at

From dinner on Wednesday, December 26, through lunchtime on Sunday, December 30, an enriching morning program will balance insights and testimonies on the value of the Blessing with practical guidance on relationship-building.

There will be plenty of free time to enjoy on-site activities such as hiking, ice-skating, foosball, billiards, games, fitness center, etc.; visit sledding, skiing and snowboarding nearby; or spend quiet time with your spouse and friends. This will be a valuable way to deepen and improve your marriage, re-focus your personal and spiritual life, and begin the New Year right.

Please note: this is not a rustic camp or dormitory; it is a world-class conference center with modern amenities in a gorgeous natural setting. The program will be part marriage enrichment, part vacation getaway. The presentations and activities will be from the best Unificationist educators, successful first and second generation couples, and relationship experts.

Individual and couple counseling will also be available. The entire program, including four nights' accommodations, four days of gourmet food and use of all on-site facilities is $700 per couple. Parents, helping with some or all of the fee can also be a great holiday gift for your children.

We can accommodate only 24 couples. The deadline for registration is December 12, but we may run out of space sooner, so reserve your place now by downloading the registration form at:, and returning by Email or fax. A $100 deposit is required to guarantee a place for your couple. Submit any questions to Dave Hunter.

Love and prayer,

Rev. Phillip Schanker
VP for Education; FFWPU- USA

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