The Words of the Schanker Family

Mrs. Hyeshik Schanker has transitioned to the SW

Allan C. Cadano
October 8, 2007

Let it be! God has been longing to embrace His longed daughter.

Our sympathy to the Schanker Family is not only because of Bro. Philip's service to the Philippine Providence. His great examples not just in his lectures but on what he has shown to us as model blessed husband, great father are so great and nice. His wife deserves a rest and a hug by God.

To Bro Philip and his children, congratulations! You and your wife made a great model for us to learn many in this earthly life. Your love and passion is wonderful.

We sing the glorious song with you for Mrs. Shcnaker's ascension!

In behalf of the Egroups,

Allan C. Cadano

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