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Three Generations of Peace Activist Family Hold Rallies Across USA

Phillip Schanker
September 4, 2006

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WASHINGTON, Sept. 4 /U.S. Newswire / --

-- Groundbreaking 3-Generational Event Calls Families of All Faiths to Action; Promotes Inter-religious NGO to Support UN

There used to be only one Reverend Moon. Now, it seems, there are twelve.

That was the message yesterday as twelve members of the Moon clan, representing 3 generations, spread out across the United States to deliver his hallmark sermon of faith and family. The Reverend himself, now a patriarch at 86, watched all 12 events by simultaneous web-cast in his homeland of Korea. Today, they'll do it all over again in 12 Canadian cities.

A 40-Nation, 480-City tour of the Universal Peace Federation which commenced in Korea on Aug. 28, 2006, visited the USA Sunday, Sept. 3. Simultaneous rallies were held in New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and eight other major U.S. cities with the theme, "God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World."

This is the third and most ambitious global "peace" tour since the official founding of the UPF on Sept. 12, 2005 in New York City, four years and one day after the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001. Recognizing that traditional diplomatic, political and military efforts have failed to achieve lasting peace, UPF emphasizes the common values at the heart of the world's great faiths as important tools for peacemaking, seeing faith traditions as a potential solution, rather than a cause of conflict. Stressing the universal value of the family, the principle of living for others, and peace through reconciliation, UPF gathers religious and civic leaders of all faiths to set the example of harmony and peacemaking.

In an unprecedented and historical effort this third UPF tour will include three generations of its founders' family, as keynote speakers in 12 events in each of 40 countries, in a whirlwind tour over almost as many days. Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon concluded a 120-nation tour to inaugurate the federation in 2005, followed by a second tour of as many cities, this time led by Dr. Hak Ja Han (Mrs.) Moon, supported by several of her adult sons and daughters. They brought their unique message of hope to diplomats, heads of state, religious and civic leaders, expanding the global ranks of "Ambassadors for Peace," men and women dedicated to work for UPF's peace principles beyond race and religion.

Now, in a dramatic demonstration of the foundational role of the family in establishing stable communities, healthy nations and a peaceful world, three generations of the Moon clan are carrying the message of true love and family to the world; 40 nations, 12 events in each nation, on every day of the tour. Several of Rev. and Mrs. Moon's fourteen children are delivering the keynote address in cities around the world, including third son Hyun Jin, an Olympic equestrian, Harvard Business School graduate and leader many of the movement's youth activities worldwide; his wife Jun Sook, a Julliard trained pianist, theologian and mother of eight; and fourth son Kook Jin, also a Harvard grad, businessman and chairman of a charitable scholarship foundation. Several of the Moons' grandchildren will participate as well, despite their school and professional schedules.

Rev. Moon has long been known for his strong emphasis on marriage and family, gathering literally millions of couples from a variety of faiths in ceremonies for the blessing or rededication of marriages that filled stadiums and auditoriums around the world. Despite the growth and diversity of Rev. and Mrs. Moon's movement, however, some still view it with skepticism. But the wholehearted involvement and example of so many of their children and grandchildren to spread the message of true love and family has brought substance and credibility to a religious movement once criticized for its religious idealism and messianic zeal.

"There's a lot of misunderstanding in the media about Rev. Moon's work," notes Pastor T.L. Barrett of Chicago's Life Center Church of God in Christ. "But his message of family and peace is right on the money, and this ministry brought my own family back together."

"It is inspiring to see Rev. Moon's family practicing what he preaches- living for others, building healthy families, spreading the word," notes Dr. Lonnie McLeod, a New York City pastor, seminary professor and scholar of Christian history. "These young people are setting a moral example at a time when many their age are struggling to find themselves, or wasting their lives."

Civic and religious leaders supported the events around the country. Civil rights pioneer and ten-term DC congressman Rev. Walter Fauntroy noted, "The reason I work with Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon is because he uses his money and his movement to advance two permanent interests that we share: the first is the cause of peace and stability in the world. The second is the promotion of intact families in our community."

Added 18-year U.S. Senator Larry Pressler (R-ND), who joined Dr. Moon herself addressing the New York event, "My admiration for Rev. Moon and his wife continues to grow by leaps and bounds. His energy, vision, and dedication to the cause of world peace are unmatched in the history of humankind."

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