The Words of the Schanker Family

Urgent Memo: Literature and materials for the Blessing outreach efforts

Phillip Schanker
October 17, 2004

To: Regional Directors, Vice Directors, State Leaders, Blessed Central Families
From: Rev. Phillip Schanker
Date: October 17, 2004
RE: Urgent Memo

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In order to support and assist your outreach efforts for the Blessing in the next 2 weeks, some literature and materials are available to be downloaded and printed from the web site. They include:

1) A simple leaflet entitled, "Bless the Family, Save the Nation," (pdf) that shares 4 simple points of a "True Love Pledge," Jesus' words on marriage and other definitions of traditional marriage, and the theme of "Rebuild the Family, Restore the Community, Renew the Nation and World." There is a blank space for your contact info also.

2) A smaller version of the above leaflet as well (pdf)

3) A sheet of business-sized cards (10 per page) with the True Love Pledge (pdf), a simple explanation of the Blessing theme, and a space for contact info (pdf).

4) 6 PowerPoint presentations on the True Family Values series, "Building a Genesis 1:28 Family." See instructions on the download page how to use them effectively. Even though there is no time to complete such an intensive series as well as accomplishing the Blessing goals we have before us, they can be useful in various ways. A small portion of these fill-in the blank presentations could be shown in a meeting or church gathering, as an introduction to the Blessing. Or, a supportive pastor can organize a True Family Values series for couples, and begin with a Blessing and rededication, to be followed by education.

To access these files, go to the "Announcements" section on the homepage, which will guide you to a green button on the left-side menu, labeled "Witnessing News." Once you open this button, you will find the available files listed there. The PowerPoint files include specific instructions, while the leaflets and business cards are composed of 2 pages each (inside and outside of the leaflets, front and back of the cards). They should of course be printed back-to-back, on a color printer if possible.

See the leaflet sample:

Love and prayer, The Education Department

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