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Food Offering At the Ceremony For the Total Liberation Of 6,000 Years Of Providential History

Phillip Schanker
April 9, 2002

Sorry, all... I've so little time to post on this or any list, but to clarify some misunderstanding: At the Ceremony for the Total Liberation of 6,000 Years of Providential History, in fact, True Mother prepared 4 trays of food, taking representative samples from the live food (fruits, etc., not packaged foods) and drinks. The 4 teams referred to earlier, made of 1 Korean, 1 Japanese and 1 American, each took one tray to one of the four borders of the property line [East Garden] (North, East, South, and West), and scattered the food along the fence, in some cases, or over it (in the case of my team).

The drinks were opened and poured out. The amount of food spread equaled only a small representative amount of what was on the offering table. The rest was distributed to the crowd present, beginning with Father tossing a few unusual things (watermelon, pineapple, etc) to the crowd. He also feigned that he would throw out some bottles of Ginseng, but couldn't find anyone willing to close their eyes and let him toss, as he encouraged (this, it became clear, was simply playful teasing). He also called for Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, people with Birthdays, and the like to receive food from him directly. There was such a huge amount of food, that some were able to carry back major booty for their teams or families.

Love & prayer,
Phillip Schanker

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